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Currently, exhausted homeowner edition

Reading Al Franken, Giant of the Senate. I’m enjoying his outsider’s perspective on running for a Senate seat and his experiences working in DC. I was inspired to switch my party affiliation to the Democrats, but then Donna Brazile had to be Donna Brazile and I changed my mind. I’ll remain a member of my currently-also-batshit-crazy third party and wait until the DNC grows up a bit more.

Tuesday is election day, so get out and vote. Hate what’s going on? Hit up your local races. Loving The Donald? Go do the same. Me? Eight years ago I voted Chris Christie into office and indirectly inflicted him on the rest of you. (Eight years ago he was a completely different man.) Tuesday I’ll vote for not-Kim-Guadango and try to right the ship of state.

Her opponents for Governor and Lieutenant Governor are named Murphy and Oliver and I need one of those signs for the garage once this election’s done. GO VOTE! GO VOTE!

Beaming with pride over the little home improvment projects I’ve been working on. My crone room is really shaping up now that I’m moving things back in. The color looked a bit strong in an empty room but it’s becoming much more warmer and inviting now. I purchased curtains from Walmart – $5/panel – and my next step is to get a new craft table to replace the old Ikea one I have.

Two years ago when we moved in, the old owners left a bunch of shelving materials in the guest room closet. But no closet rod. Last week I bought a rod and this week (with an assist from WM) I took up a drill and installed it all. Not only does it look good, it’s level!

Framing photos. I have a lot of framed photos in the house. Every fall, I go through the last year’s photo backup and pick a bunch of new ones to add to the frames. I upload them to Target and grab the prints during my next trip there. It’s a lot better setup than when I used to try and print my own photos. Screw the expensive inks and photo paper.

Drinking my first Starbucks holiday drink of the year. (Salted caramel mocha.) I’m one of those people who are completely fine ignoring Thanksgiving and going to Christmas. Soon I’ll be freezing cookie dough for December!

Struggling to stay awake. The clock changes mess me up big time. It feels like it should be midnight.

Losing — yeah yeah…you know the drill.

Memorial Day weekend wrap-up

Happy Memorial Day, which is a day we set aside to honor those lost in military service to our country but instead everyone posts pictures of their living veteran relatives or their dead relatives who were veterans. It makes my eyeball twitch when people put up the “REMEMBER WHAT THIS DAY IS REALLY ABOUT YOU BBQ-ING INFIDEL” memes and then say “Here’s a pic of grandpappy who is now 101 and fought in WWII.” No maybe YOU should remember what this day is about. I’ll hold your corn on the cob. And eat it.

Indiana Jones and the Jersey Girl.

On Saturday WM and I went to our 10th Collingswood Mayfair. To our surprise, it was partially sponsored by the Dee-luxe Apartments in the Sky! Which I can now safely say was the Heights of Collingswood. Even though it never that hard to figure out. We bought a planter for the yard, a charm that looks like a beach tag, and some dog biscuits from Pawfect Pastries to give to Murphy when he’s good. We’ve yet to give him one. It’s been that kind of weekend.

Friday the library closed early. Instead I got a pedicure (blue) and went to Ulta for eyeshadow. Lately I’ve been getting away with a swipe of eyeliner and some mascara but I wanted to up my game and look more polished. The makeup artists at Ulta in Cherry Hill listened to my request (“I just want to look like I’m awake.”) and selected a color palette that can go from “Target Run” to “Date Night.”

Anastasia of Beverly Hills: Truffle, 10K, Shimmer, and Mermaid. Taupe brow pencil, Pro Pencil primer and mascara.

We took advantage of the eight full hours of sunlight this weekend and planted some more grass seed. This is our third go-round — I wonder how the neighbors would feel if we just filled the front yard with rocks. And we finally put together our grill.

WM: Wait, “we finally put together our grill?” What in the hell is “we?”

Okay, fine. WM finally put together our grill while I kept Murphy from chewing the tree. We are truly suburbanites now. Oh, and I cut bangs into my hair myself (with an assist from Wikihow) because even when things are coming together, I still make bad decisions.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment where I’m finally getting the impression made for my crown. In less than 2 months, I’ll finally, FINALLY have a full smile again without a flipper. It’s been a long, drooly time.

Currently, mid-April edition

Eating pounds of Easter bread that I baked this weekend. I am just a load of carbs, and I didn’t even have any Easter candy.

Self-portrait, April 2017

Waiting for our grass out front to grow. We seeded it 10 hours ago and COME ON ALREADY! We probably have the worst lawn on the street if you don’t count the foreclosed house. It’s not our fault…there was decades of lawn neglect and we’re trying to reverse it. It’s just going to take a long time and a lot of

cleaning up. Weeding, getting rid of debris and branches from the tree next door that will likely collapse on our house within the next 10 years. But at least we’ll have a better-looking lawn.

Smiling because the Best Nephew in the World, who also happens to be my Favorite Kid turned 3 yesterday. He’s a lot of fun. We got him a cape from Creative Capes as one of his gifts and it made for dozens of cute photos.

It is an honor to be related to this cuteness!

Bleeding profusely because I used my new blades from Dollar Shave Club and they’re a bit sharper than what I’m used to. My in-demand O- lifeforce flows freely from my ravaged knees.

Wondering what to wear to the weddings I’m invited to this summer! My usual fashion adviser, Pinterest, is of no help to me.

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