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Friday 5: How About a Knuckle Sandwich?

Happy Friday! It was a busy week, and blogging got away from me.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and I took Mom to the Phillies game. After an hour rain delay, the game started and was a lot of fun. And the Phillies won! They’re only a half-game out of first in the division.

Monday I had an eye appointment. I got new glasses. They’re purple. I’m on the fence. I was going for quirky and creative but I’m afraid I landed on old and eccentric.

This week: Mother’s Day Phillies game, Ollie walking, WM’s birthday, my new glasses.

Tuesday was WM’s birthday! We had pizza and cake at Mom’s, and I squeezed in some time with Nephew A and Nephew B.

Wednesday and Thursday I decompressed from being out the prior 3 nights. Which brings me to today. And tomorrow, which is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day and I am completely in for it. I’m setting my alarm for 5:45 to be on the sofa by 6. For Will and Kate’s wedding, I made a fascinator to wear to our Royal Wedding pot luck at work.

Max watched William and Kate’s wedding with me.

I still miss that dog.


It’s time for the Friday 5. This week’s theme is How About a Knuckle Sandwich? Let’s get to it!

1. When did you last punch someone? Alternate question: When did someone last punch you?

I have never seriously punched someone with the intention of injuring them. But I’m still only half-way through life and this country is full of literal idiots so you never know!

2. How many of those frequent (whatever) stampcards/punchcards do you have, and which are you most likely to fill and redeem?

We only carry one physical punch card which is for the local frozen yogurt place. I wonder if they’ve moved to an app yet. We used to have one for watch batteries because WM was once really into watches, but since he bought an Apple Watch, no more battery changes.

Digitally, I get rewards on my Starbucks app and my Dunkin’ Donuts app.

3. When have you had a really good fruit punch?

I’m not sure the difference between fruit punch and fruit juice, but at ‘Ohana restaurant in Disney’s Polynesian Resort they have an AMAZING juice with their breakfast that is passionfruit, orange, and guava juices mixed together. It is heavenly.

4. What are your thoughts on boxing?

I think it’s barbaric and like horse racing, I’m shocked we haven’t evolved past it yet. And I watch pro wrestling, but to me that’s different because you’re just trying to pin someone for a 3-count, not beat them bloody and/or unconscious.

5. When do you usually punch in and punch out?
We don’t have a time clock. We are on the honor system which is a refreshingly adult way to handle things. If I come in 10 minutes late, I stay 10 minutes late. It’s nice.

I start at 8:30 and I prefer to walk into the office no later than 8:15. This gives me time to chat, get my computer booted up, and get some coffee before I dive in. My day ends at 4:30, but I usually don’t start logging out until 4:30 and that means I leave at 4:35.

Soon it’ll be summer Friday time again, and my days will start at 8 so I can bank time for every other Friday off. I can’t wait to hit the beach this summer.

If it ever stops raining.

Farewell 2017, ya filthy animal

I very, VERY easily could rip into this absolute dumpster-fire of a year. Not only a year, but a “season” that started in November of 2015 and has kept on giving. But no, no. Good things happened this year, and I’m going to celebrate them.

2017 highs

I went to the Womens March in January, which gave me the confidence to write, call, and fax my representatives. I’m on the fence about going to the one next month, and I can’t put my finger on why.

I met Joey McIntyre from NKOTB. He was dreamy.

WM brought Murphy home in April, and while he (dog, not spouse) has been the most destructive puppy I’ve had in a long time, I love him to bits and he’s made our home happier and much less sedentary.

Mom and I took a wonderful Caribbean Cruise, which was exactly what we needed. I really want us to go on another one, but I don’t see it happening in 2018. Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

WM and I took a trip to see our Seattle friends, and I think that’s becoming a summer tradition.

I finally got my permanent dental implant and said goodbye to my flipper. I still worry every day that I’ll break another tooth or that this implant will fail. Day by day.

We had 2 family weddings this year, one on each side. My family cleans up well, and I had fun drinking and dancing with them. And basically seeing them outside the framework of a funeral.

I saw Yoga with Adriene live in Philadelphia and lived through the class.

And we launched the Big!Work!Project which has been taking up all of my brainspace for months.

It was also our 5-year wedding anniversary. Oh, and I managed to migrate most of my posts from ladygypsy.net to this domain and leave all of the Lunarpages crap and errors behind! My #1 wrestling boo AJ Styles has had a great year. We haven’t been nuked yet!

The rest of this year, though? Here’s the remainder of 2017 in a pic…

WM and I are staying in tonight, as is our habit. I don’t think I’ve been awake at midnight in a few years, and that’s okay.

Thank you for sticking with this weird blog relaunch. Let’s go tackle 2018 together!

Christmas 2017

I kinda whiffed on Christmas this year. While I started planning in October as usual, this year I:

> Didn’t bake a lot of cookies at all, and the ones I did make weren’t all that great.
> Bought my last gift the day before Christmas Eve which is VERY late for me.
> Forgot to write out the family cards altogether. I have them! They’re still in the Hallmark bag.
> Didn’t get the regular cards in the mail until Christmas Eve.
> Didn’t even bother putting out the Christmas village.

But you know what? In the end, none of that mattered. We all had a lovely time, and I gave and received great gifts.

WM got me an Amazon Spot so I can be surveilled while I sleep! I love it. The alarm is great, I love having music in the bedroom while I fold clothes, Alexa gives me the news when I wake up, and the footprint is tiny!

Mom bought me a sewing machine, which I plan on using to make pillows, cushions, and curtains for the house. John & Kristen & Favorite Kid got me a 23 and Me ancestry test! My spit is currently winging its way to the lab as I type. And books are always a welcome gift!

I’m off from work this week, and am taking time to exhale. WM is repairing and painting the downstairs bathroom that became pretty torn up while we were using it as a kennel for young Murphy during the day. We’re going with an Adventureland theme. (Not kidding.) I’m slowly getting back in front of the clutter that accrued while I was worried about work and worried about Christmas. I also gave in and put plastic over the living room windows because NJ is currently a frozen hellscape.

149 days ’til Memorial Day,

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