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Stupid Sewing Tricks: Blanket for Nephew B
Currently, bracket-busting version
Friday 5: Mist It by That Much

Stupid Sewing Tricks: Blanket for Nephew B

The Pinterest pin said it would take 30 minutes.

It took three hours.

But! It looks and feels like a baby blanket and I’m told newborn eyesight isn’t that good so it’ll be a while before he can grab a protractor and see that the corners aren’t very square.

It’s the first day of SPRING and it’s snowing so hard we were let out of work early and are all working from home tomorrow. GRAR.

Currently, bracket-busting version

Hoping: Villanova takes it all. My brother runs our NCAA pool every year, and I’m in the thick of it.

Murphy has no concept of personal space.

Reading: The magazines piled up on my table. O, Martha Stewart, and Clean Living, which cost $5 for a subscription and I got it as a total joke. I am … not that audience. It’s too advanced for me. I should have started with “Mildly Dirty Eating” or “One Step Up from Filth Eating.” I don’t even know what some of the ingredients in that magazine are.

Blissing: out on the new nephew vibes. I spent some time with Nephews A and B today. A and I had an invigorating 4-song dance party, and then I held B for a bit as he slept and made little squeaky milk-drunk noises.

Aunt Kim’s 4 song Dance Party Playlist:
> Finesse — Bruno Mars and Cardi B.
> Wannabe — Spice Girls
> Groove is in the Heart — Deee-Lite
> Happy — Pharrell

Watching: NXT. We have 3 episodes to catch up on. I also watched the first two episodes of Champions, which I want to love because it’s a Mindy Kaling project. I’m on the fence about it. I’m hoping the cast gels more soon.

Debating: the merits of driving to Ulta tomorrow after work to replace my gray eyeliner (Stila Smudge Stick), versus ordering it and waiting a few days for it to come in.

Celebrating: the return of Spring this week. Goodbye, Winter! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, ya jerk. WM and I ordered some plants for the front yard, I’m thinking of a raised-bed vegetable garden, and I’m once again hopeful we’ll get some grass to grow in the front yard.

(You know how this ends, right? In six weeks I’ll be drinking a Sam Adams Summer Ale while surveying my dust bowl of a yard.)

Friday 5: Mist It by That Much

We have a new nephew! For blog purposes, he is Nephew B, and his older brother is Nephew A.

Me and Nephew B!

It works out really well that way. The lovely Kristen is doing well and my brother doesn’t read my blog anyway so to heck with him. 😉 Li’l B is snuggly, smells amazing, and has a great tiny smile. I can’t wait to get him his own cape. I’m happy to have my small army of nephews!

After 3 days of being offline due to some freaky voltage on the pole across the street that was interfering with our Comcast signal, we finally have our internet and cable tv back. Because the electric company has been busy in the wake of the 99 snowstorms we’ve had this winter, it took them a few days to get to our tiny (to them) problem. I really really missed the Internet and having the tv on as background noise. I’ve been reading but it felt pretty Little House on the Prairie here at night.

Time for the Friday 5. This week’s theme is Mist It by That Much. Let’s get to it!

1. What did you most recently spray out of a can?
Hair spray. Right now I’m musing TRESemmé which has a hell of a strong fragrance. It’s not my thing at all, but I feel bad chucking a can of it just because of the (not awful, just strong) smell. I wonder if Aussie Mega has the same scent it did in the 90s?

2. What’s your favorite food (or food product) that’s sprayed from a can?
Reddi-Wip! I’ve tried spray cheese and it was okay for the very strangely specific situation I was in. But Reddi-Wip takes the cake. And the pie!

3. When did you last spray-paint something?
I can’t remember ever spraypainting anything. I end up using a brush, no matter what I’m painting. I need to spray paint something.

4. What’s something that’s not sprayed from a can but would be pretty cool if it were?
WM says eggs, and that makes me a little worried about him, to be honest. I’m going to go with spray soap, for showering. that way you’re not dealing with a slippery bar of soap or a moldy shower poof.

5. What’s conceptually the oddest thing sprayed from a can?
Spray hair. Even though now it’s fibers instead of paint, it’s still pretty odd to me.

Zero plans for this weekend, other than getting some baby snuggles in. Have a great one!

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