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Posting to kimberussell blog page on Facebook
Friday 5: After ‘Im
Friday 5: Not Shaken

Posting to kimberussell blog page on Facebook

Hi! This is how I’m going to use the app. This blog is mine alone. I make no money off of it, but I’m lazy and want to use my plugin (xyzscripts) to post automatically to FB.

1) I log into my wordpress site.
2) I make a post and hit ‘publish’
3) XYZ script plugin uses my app info to post to my blog’s FB page. Let’s see how it goes.

edited to add: Facebook is making me submit a developer app to get my blog to post automatically to facebook. Wheee!

Friday 5: After ‘Im

Happy Friday!

This time last week I was at Walt Disney World. Look at this magic!

Marion and Indy at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

The fireworks started just as we came to the front of the line to have our picture taken. Gorgeous.

On the Peoplemover.


We left last Thursday and came home on Monday. It was amazeballs. We stayted at Port Orleans: French Quarter which is my new favorite resort that is not my beloved Polynesian.

Port Orleans: French Quarter. This is my very basic Mickey Mouse Disneybound outfit.

I have more photos to share but WM has to download them from Disney’s website. I only have watermarked versions.

Monday night we fell asleep early, Tuesday we collected Ollie and Murphy from the kennel Pet Hotel and Wednesday it was back to work. On Halloween. I’ve been living on junk food for over a week now.

Time for the Friday 5. This week’s theme is After ‘Im which I’m saying to myself with a strong Dick Van Dyke Cockney accent. I’m going out of order, because I feel the answer to question 5 has a lot to do with the rest of the answers.

5. What immature behavior have you displayed recently?

With the exception of our fancy Le Cellier dinner, when we’re at WDW we eat like unsupervised teenagers with adult salaries. You might think I’m kidding, but one of the queen beds in our hotel room was strictly reserved for bed snacking. For the last 3 days I’ve been drinking coffee and Diet Dr. Peppers and eating the rest of the Halloween candy. And that’s it. How long can a 46 year old live on Laffy Taffy and Junior Mints? I have GOT to start eating real food again.

3. In what way is your life lately imbalanced?

Half the time I feel like an overstretched Stretch Armstrong doll and the other half of the time I’m a tightly wound rubberband. I completely blame the crap eating. I need to cook some food but OMG MORE KITKATS!

4. What recent impulse purchases have you made?

Our Walt Disney World vacations are full of impulse purchases. Tonight we are drinking coffee out of matching Haunted Mansion mugs. I came home with 2 pair of headband ears. WM is wearing a pair of pajama pants with Grumpy all over them. (I call them the Grumpypants.)

1. What improbable feat did you pull off this week?
(inhaling lines of crushed Smarties)

While cracked out on high fructose corn syrup and red dye 40, I managed to deescalate a situation with a vendor, write some amazing emails, and narrow down what is making one of our reports go wonky.

2. What will you do immediately following your completion of this post?
I’m either going to slam some diet Dr. Pepper and play Diablo, or collapse from exhaustion.

Friday 5: Not Shaken

Hello! It’s been a while, but things have been a little stressy at work not bad, nothing like last year and the Big!Wo– yeah I won’t do that you again. So when it’s stressy I come home and just kinda … veg.

This was a pot of healthy, growing, beet sprouts. Was.

I’m going to ease back into that with the Friday 5. This week’s theme is Not Shaken. Let’s get to it!

1. When are you the straw that stirs the drink?
If we’re going to interpret stirring the drink as a positive thing, as making things come together, then stirring is where I excel. I love when a plan comes together, I love when a project comes to fruition, and occasionally I have to be the one that takes these disparate skills and personalities and combine them into something better.

2. Who has delivered the most stirring rendition of your country’s national anthem?

Back in 2001, the WWE Smackdown program used to tape on Tuesdays to air on Thursdays. After the events of Tuesday, September 11, 2011, the WWE cancelled the taping. Rather than cancel the week’s episode, Vince McMahon decided to air live instead. That’s how on September 13, 2001, Smackdown became the first big live event held after 9/11.

Ring announcer Lilian Garcia sang the national anthem.

Here’s the oral history of that night.

3. Who or what is stirring in your vicinity?
I hear fireworks nearby.

4.What do you like and dislike in a stir-fry?
Like: crispy string beans, baby corn, mushrooms
Dislike: Water chestnuts, celery

5. How do you deal with feeling stir-crazy?
It doesn’t happen much, as I really enjoy being home. But when it does, I try to get outside, even if it’s only out in the yard.

Have a great weekend!

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