Lazy Sunday

November 24, 2019

I had such grand plans for today. All I ended up really doing was grocery shopping, replacing the lights on our pre-lit palm tree Christmas tree downstairs, and addressing the Christmas cards. I was GOING to freeze up some cookie dough for December. I was GOING to drag out the upstairs Christmas tree.

handmade christmas card
Before the glue dried. It dried clear. Mostly.


There’s always next weekend, I suppose. 🙂

Life, Reading

Skelly Saturday

November 23, 2019

Our Halloween decorations include a plastic skeleton head and hands that we jam into the overgrown ivy in our front yard. The trick-or-treaters love it. WM loves it too and this year asked if we could leave it out and he’d put a Santa hat on it for Christmas. With the fall being as it’s been, I really don’t care about the small things so I said sure. This is what I found this morning.

plastic skeleton with a newspaper in its hands

The newspaper is usually left at the end of the driveway, meaning either the delivery person made a trip up the walk to place it there (unlikely, dark in the mornings) or a neighbor/walker decided to be funny. And given that Gatehouse Media purchased my former employer Gannett this week, it could also be a statement on the future of newspapers itself.

I had my hair done today and it’s gorgeous and blonde and bouncy. It’s fun having light hair again, and it’s more forgiving when the roots grow in, too. Here’s my contribution to the 2009-2019 photo challenge, featuring today’s shiny hair:

me in 2009, me in 2019.
09 at left, 19 at right

I don’t smile much with my teeth anymore, and I stopped super-plucking my eyebrows. I’m a little more wrinkly in the forehead but overall I can’t complain about the difference between 37 and 47.

This afternoon I finished A God in Ruins and it really ended with a whomp. A perplexing whomp, but a satisfying one. Next up is Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks. That Tom Hanks. I checked it out of the CH Library strictly because of Mindy Kaling’s blurb.


Missed Station Friday

November 22, 2019

I’m currently reading A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson. It’s not so much a sequel to Life After Life, but rather a parallel book. So far it’s been very well-written, but sad. Not tragically so, but just a constant, slow thrum of love and loss. The main character, Teddy Todd, was a WWII pilot for the Royal Air Force and as I was riding the train home I started a chapter that described the sorties he and his crew made. I was so caught up in the action that I missed my train stop and ended up having to catch a westbound train back to my station.

I’m already assembling my Show Us Your Books post for December – a big ol’ catch-up post.

coffee, yogurt, and postcards

This morning I requested another 15 names from the Postcards to Voters list and began writing them out while I had coffee in the city. It’s therapeutic in that I feel like I’m doing something while the country screams at each other.

I did two runthroughs of my presentation today and I’m up to 41 minutes without questions or audience interaction. I’m almost where I want to be. My goal is to get to 45 minutes. This talk will either be fantastic or I will be an embarrassment to my profession. There is no in between.

Yesterday’s cookies? DELICIOUS. They are huge and chewy and smell like heaven. A++, will bake again.

Tomorrow morning I’m getting my hair done – I’d like to get 2 inches trimmed and the color adjusted. I’m also going full Christmas this weekend. Haul out the holly…it’s time. I already have the list of cookie dough that I’m going to freeze. BRING IT, SANTA.

(and just like that, I’ve blogged every day for over a week)