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Rabbit rabbit! I can’t believe it’s October already. I’m sure the pumpkin spice cabal is pleased. I’ve been wearing sweats all weekend, because I’m …

Freezing!: It starts dropping into the 50s and it’s like my body gives up.

Sniffling: Because I appear to have caught the ick that’s going around work. It was just a matter of time. I work from home tomorrow so I can eat soup and wrap myself in 17 blankets.

Coughing: up dog hair because I did this today:

I filled a small wastebasket with his hair.

We have always brought Ollie to the groomer but I have a decent trimmer now and I want to see if I can get Murphy used to the home treatment. I’m trimming him to 3/4″ on his body and 1/8″ on his head and halfway down the ears. There are tufts of hair on him that I missed and he won’t let me touch his feet yet. Other than that, I’m impressed with my handiwork.

Losing: at Words with Friends. Still.

I downloaded Boggle with Friends because I’m apparently a glutton for punishment. Which also, if your Boggle profile picture is this…

…you’re not very inviting as a Match of the Day. I’d probably be unable to resist typing #takeaknee in the chat window before the match started just to see the Donald Duck like reaction I’d get.

Fact: I also say Merry Christmas, support our troops, say God Bless America, eat apple pie, am humble and kind, etc. The difference with me is that if you don’t, I’m OK with that.

Planning: my agenda for the PA Conference for Women on Tuesday. Michelle Obama will be there. No big.

Reading: I’m starting Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic as soon as I’m done this blog post. I can’t quit her or the woo self-help genre. After that is Lincoln at the Bardo which, with a mere click, magically transferred from Overdrive to my new Kindle in less than a minute. No Adobe, no cables, no sideloading.

Friday 5: Payday

Hooray hooray for Friday!

This jerk stole a banana out of my lunch bag and threw it around the living room like a dead animal.

This week’s Friday 5 theme is Payday, and it is payday for both Russells today so huzzah for bill paying!

1. From whom did you receive your first real paycheck?

After a lot of cash-only jobs like paper routes and babysitting, my first actual paycheck came from JCPenney when I was 19.

2. Among board games involving the exchange of money, which have you enjoyed most?

I always enjoyed the Game of Life. It wasn’t cutthroat like Monopoly (Skip Boardwalk/Park place and build up the yellows, purples and greens!) and you’d laugh at the person who ended up with more kid pegs than spaces in their car.

3. PayDay is the name of a candy bar consisting of salted peanuts rolled in caramel surrounding a firm, nougat-like center. How does it sound to you if you haven’t tried it, and how do you like it if you have? Is there a similar candy bar you like better?

PayDay bars are amazing, but the last time I really saw one for sale was in the vending machine at the Courier-Post. But hey, they’re for sale on Amazon!

4. When did you last do something nice for yourself just because it was pay day?
A few hours ago I ordered a Kindle Paperwhite. When I purchased my new PC earlier this month, I didn’t have the chance to deauthorize the old one in Adobe Digital Collections and then I ended up creating a new Adobe ID for this PC which I had to transfer to my years-old Nook Simpletouch. I downloaded the new version of ADC, but then found out that because my Nook is old I had to go back to ADE 3.0. Even with my new ID and both devices being authorized I can’t get any of my ebooks from Overdrive to open – even the ones I downloaded post-new-Adobe-ID. I’ve been unable to read 3 of my holds that came through and I’m done. I’m done!

WM, after hearing that tale of woe: “Will you buy a Paperwhite already? We are not hobos!”

I chose Nook years ago because it was the underdog, but since I have an Amazon Prime account, a Tap, an Echo, a Dot, and an Amazon Music subscription, I’m already in too deep. The Kindle arrives Sunday. Prime shipping, naturally.

5. What person with the surname Day are you most familiar with?

The first one to come to mind is Morris Day.

I don’t think one can have enough of Jungle Love, so here it is again. I may have blogged this before, but for years I heard the lyric, “I drive a little dangerous” as “I drive like Danger Mouse.”

Murphy’s path of destruction, a photo post

Ollie spoiled us. He was a very, VERY good puppy. He was just good, with very little training necessary. He wasn’t destructive. He was a good sleeper. He was happy to just listen to us and play with his toys.

And then came Murphy.

This little numbnut, WHOM I ADORE, cannot be left alone for more than 15 minutes without finding something that we have been too lazy to put away. Behold, a photo collection of his destruction…

A Lowes Lawn & Garden clipping bag. He beat the crap out of it.

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