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August 31, 2020

Not long after the glass broke and I ordered its replacement, my Apple Watch died completely before I was able to properly unpair it from my phone. The new watch has been failing at crediting my exercise minutes to my health profile (the last thing I want to see after a 34 minute walk is my watch showing a total of 9 minutes of exercise) and after trying to calibrate it on Saturday and failing (20 minutes of walking resulting in 11 minutes of exercise) I handed it off to WM to look at.

Some time ago he converted from being a ‘PC’ to a “Mac” which means he’s in charge of troubleshooting my Apple products.

WM: I renamed your watch. There were multiple “Kimberly’s Apple Watch” pairings and I wanted to keep this newest one straight.
Me: Thanks. What did you name it?
WM: Kwatch.
Me: Kwatch?
WM: Kwatch! Like Swatch, but with a K.
Me: Like crotch, but Elmer Fudd saying it?
WM: Well now that you put it that way…

screenshot of my apple watch paring. it's called kwatch.

Kwatch is still failing to properly track walks, so for the duration I have to log the exercise as ‘other’ to get my minutes. Which is kwappy, but I hope to get it figure out soon.


Off the Wagon

August 28, 2020

Many of you know that I played World of Warcraft (WoW) for MANY years. I left the game for good* about 4 years ago because houses are WORK and keeping a WoW character current is also WORK.

World of Warcraft Classic Edition came out a year ago August 26th. It’s the very first version of WoW, before expansions. Back when it was even HARDER than it is currently. I resisted it.

I resisted it for 50 weeks.

But I started playing Diablo again during that time and Diablo is also a Blizzard game. So obviously I was being hit with WoW promotions everytime I started up the Blizzard app.

I don’t know if its (waves hands) everything going on, but hearing that loading music and seeing the awful graphics brought me back to a much simpler time. Because this version of WoW is from time before my beloved Blood Elf Paladin existed, I had to create two original Horde characters.

World of Warcraft characters
Introducing Lyotta and Kevashandia

Of course Horde. Because I’m a savage.

Lyotta is a variation of Leota, the mage I had from my first go-round in WoW. Leota was already taken because it’s a great name for an Undead and I sat on my thumbs for 50 weeks resisting the game. Lyotta is a frost mage, because that’s the only kind I know how to play.

Kevashandia’s name is from the random name generator. She’s a Troll holy priest, the only type of priest I know how to play.

I have been having so much fun running away from things in this game.

lyotta fleeing
Lyotta being pursued by numerous Dalaran wizards.

Lyotta does have a cockroach pet, given to her by a guildie. Spike (WoW’s most traveled cockroach) isn’t in this photo because she just retrieved her corpse and had no time to summon him.

Everything old is old again.