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Friday 5: “Nine times? Nine times.”
The Lady at 46: Walking the Walk
Friday 5: Just Wing It

Friday 5: “Nine times? Nine times.”

Hoo boy what a week. It wasn’t bad, just seemed long. And I’m grumpy because the ceiling upholstery in my car (called a headliner) is drooping and touching my head when I drive. I’m either going to have to staple it back up (no) or pay a few hundred to have someone else do it (no) or pull the ceiling of the Jeep out and use spray adhesive to put new fabric up. (weep)! Youtube has videos but like I said, (weep).

murphy sulking on the bed

Current mood.

So I’m hopping right to the Friday 5. This week’s theme is “Nine times? Nine times.” which even I, the non-movie-person, know is from Ferris Bueller’s Day off.

1. If you were to play hooky on your next regular work day with no negative consequences, and if you could only spend the day by yourself, what out-of-the-house fun activities would you pursue?

I’d probably go to the beach, but summer is over. (sob!) Assuming money is no object and dogs would let themselves out. In that case, I’d board the Amtrak Acela and go to New York for a few hours. Maybe enter the lottery for Hamilton tickets. At the very least, I’d take a picture of the theater. And then have a big sandwich. I’d drive, but my Jeep lovingly caresses the top of my head and it freaks me out.

2. In the same situation, what stay-home fun activities would you pursue?
I’d order a mediocre Italian entree from the local pizza/steaks joint and watch You’ve Got Mail and Love Actually.

In real life, I’m home on Monday because I had one more personal day to burn before the end of the fiscal year. I will likely not go to New York or buy Italian food and binge movies. I may watch the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

3. If you played hooky specifically because someone else needed the time off, who in your life would be your accomplice and what would be first on the agenda?

WM would likely take me to spend the day at the movies.

4. When did you last visit a museum, and what item on exhibit impressed you?

We went to the Museum of the American Revolution last November. It features Washington’s actual War Tent (which you’d THINK would be droopy but no, droopiness is reserved for my #(&#(* Jeep ceiling)

5. What’s something you’ve recently gotten away with?

I’m the Cameron of life. I don’t do any serious rule-breaking because I’d only get caught.

Have a great weekend! Here’s hoping your car’s ceiling doesn’t fall down on you!

The Lady at 46: Walking the Walk

Today is my 46th birthday. It’s weird to consider that I’m on the downward slope to 50 when I feel like I just got used to being in my 40s.

I spent the day at the shore, possibly for the last time this year and I’m okay with that. I’m going to try to flow with the unchangeable changes around me instead of bemoan them.

The stuff I can change? I’m into that. I’m writing postcards as fast as my fingers will let me and I’m calling my congresscritters on the regular.

Year 45!

Year 45 — September 2017 to August 2018

Mom asked what my goal was for this year. All I could come up with at that moment was learning to boogieboard/bodyboard. But I think that I want year 46 to be a year of service, both to myself (taking care of my skin, eating well, blogging) and to others (civic actions, maybe volunteering if I get gutsy).

Let’s make another trip around the sun.

Last year: The Lady at 45: This I Believe

Friday 5: Just Wing It

Happy Sunday! To wind up “Operation Use a Bunch of my PTO this Summer” I don’t go back until work until Thursday.

I actually went OUT Friday night. Out. Past 11. I went to Atlantic City with Mom and my sibling who doesn’t read this blog and we had a great time.

Thinking I look all trendy but actually looking tired.

It was just like the old days, and even though a taking a family trip to AC to gamble sounds dysfunctional, well, we grew up okay. Some families go to singalongs or campouts. (Or campouts where they all sang.) Mine took me to play craps.

Fact: I love playing craps. Last night, after I dropped my 4 $20s on the table to buy in, a man dropped TWENTY ONE-HUNDRED-DOLLAR-BILLS on the table.

And on my roll I threw a five (point), a six, an ten and then a seven.

LEARN CRAPS WITH KIM: You have to put in the minimum bet to play. On a person’s first throw of the dice, if they throw a 2, 3, or 12, that’s craps and everyone loses that come-out bet. If they throw a 7 or 11 and you’re not playing asshole bets (long story), you win. Any other number they throw becomes the point, and your goal (if you’re not playing the asshole way) is for them to roll that number again before they throw a seven. Seven ends the game. You can also bet money on other numbers that you want them to hit before they throw a seven. You can also bet on different ways to hit a number, like rolling two fours to make an 8. I’ve found plenty of ways to lose money at the craps table. I’m good at it!

While I lost $30, he lost about $400 so I guess you can count that as me striking out mightily against the rich. While really being jealous because I’d love to dress up like Janet Snakehole and toss 2K on a craps table.

Yesterday WM and I were determined to earn the Apple Fitness National Parks Challenge Badge, which required a 50 minute workout. We went to the mall (air conditioned, flat, smells like Cinnabon) and walked three miles. And then we came home and walked the dogs. I was destroyed by the end of the day. But we earned this:

Yes, it’s not really a badge, but a picture of a badge. Don’t care.

Apple would make a killing if they could sell these badges as pins.

Time for the Friday 5. This week’s theme is Just Wing It. Let’s get to it!

1. What’s something for which you are waiting your tern?
I keep telling WM that I want to get a summer off from work one year while he goes to work, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. Still, a woman can dream.

2. What have you lately gone cuckoo for?
This year I fell in love with my humble herb garden. I’m going to try to extend it into fall/winter with beets, lettuce, and garlic.

3. What’s got you feeling down?
End of summer blues. But this year I’m going to try and make this fall better, or at least not hate fall as much.

4. What’s something you acquired that was unexpectedly cheep?
Nothing. Everything we get is unexpectedly expensive. (expenguinsive?)

5. What’s that fowl smell?
Likely one of the dogs. Sorry.

Today I’m hitting up the Americans of Conscience Checklist, drying out the parsley from my raised garden (getting ready to plant lettuce), sitting out with books, and maybe dorking with the sewing machine.

And fitting in a workout, because the Fitness App says I have a 13-day streak going and I hate to lose.

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