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Overdressed Wednesday

November 20, 2019

It was a strange Wednesday at work, not for anything involving me, but there are Things Going On at the Upper Levels of Management and those vibes always travel downward. We were asked to dress “business professional” today and tomorrow and I did as was asked. I dusted off the shift dress and the blazer and the pearls and was WAYYY overdressed. TNP (short for TNP, but at almost 8 years there it’s not so new anymore) usually dresses casually, so I probably should have stepped up to business casual to fit in. Eh, whatever. I looked sharp. But I’m wearing pants tomorrow.

large outdoor christmas tree
The Tree at Garden State Park

Dinner with Mom tonight was at Zinburger in Cherry Hill, where we saw this gorgeous tree. I am really trying to hold back the Christmas tide. But I can’t wait to dig into the cheesy Christmas movies. They are a balm for the weary soul! I am ALMOST tempted to go see Last Christmas, just to be in solidarity with the George Michael fanbase. I read the spoilers though, and it seems pant-on-head stupid so hopefully it’ll go to cable between Christmas and New Year.

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