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Mickey Mouse Chia Pet
Philadelphia, June 2018
Summer Friday 5: With a Capital T

Mickey Mouse Chia Pet

Two years ago, Coworker D bought me a Mickey Mouse Chia pet for Christmas. I tried twice to get it to grow and failed. And then work got REALLY busy (the Big!Work!Project! that I will never stop mentioning!) and I put it away for a while.

Now that things settled down, it was now or never.

Finally, we had success! Here are some chia pet tips that I learned the hard way.

> These suckers are THIRSTY. The pots are hollow and you keep them watered by keeping them filled up. Anything more than a 3 day weekend without water dries them out, especially before they sprout. That is what killed our first round of seeds.

> BTW, WM wants you to know that he is awesome. This has nothing to do with the post, but hey. Content is content.

> The instructions suggest to keep a plastic bag over top of the plant to keep the moisture in. Great! I used a gallon-size Ziploc bag with the sides slit a bit so I can easily lower it over the plant after watering.

> But don’t bag it more than 4 nights, because when the sprouts grow their baby leaves will cling to the plastic bag. And when you take the bag off the water the planter, you’ll tear off all of the plants. Think of a Brazilian Wax. That is what killed our second rounds of seeds.

> Some of the water will seep out of the bottom of the pot, so it’s advisable to put the pot in a bowl. NOT a paper plate. And drain the bowl once in a while or you’ll attract gnats/fruit flies. Sorry, coworkers.

I’m not sure how much more it can grow.

I don’t know what the lifespan is for a chia pet, but I think I’ll buy more chia seeds.

Summer Friday 5: With a Capital T

and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool!

Happy Friday. ‘Tis my first Summer Friday of the season and while I should be at the beach today, I’m home with a dog who knocked the birdseed out of the feeder, ate it all, and thusly has been squirting poop all over our lives. I’ll let you guess which dog.

aw, crap.

Have I mentioned that our next dog will be 4 years old, with 3 legs and a lethargic nature?

The birdfeeder is in the garage.

Yesterday I attended the mid-year conference of an association that I’m a member of. I’m actually on the membership committee. Lookit me, all hoity-toity professional lady! It was at The Study, a hotel in University City. The meeting rooms were posh, they had a terrace where you could grab sunshine in between sessions, the food was AMAZING, and the decor was wood, but not shiplappy.

The topic was Design Thinking, which is a challenge for a person like me who wants to solve problems immediately and as quickly as possible. It was a good conference, and I am grateful my job allows me to attend events like that.

I’ve mentioned it a million times over the last 15(!) years here, but daisies are my favorite flower.Last year I planted some in a pot in my yard and nothing happened. Or so I thought. This year, the pot sprouted some greenery, which I completely ignored. And look!

Someday soon I’m going to wake up and have daisies of my very own. I may even be able to cut some and put them in a vase. I think I’ll end up planting some of the plants along one of our fences and hope they can withstand dog feet.

Time for the Friday 5. This week’s theme is With a Capital T (which rhymes with P and you get the point). Let’s get to it!

1. What kind of trouble are you getting yourself into?

I’m getting spendy again. I bought an Apple Watch on Tuesday. I’ve been debating it for about 8 months now so it wasn’t quite an impulse purchase, but still. I’ve worn my current watch for six years, and all of the goldtone accents have worn off so maybe it was time. And to my horror, last night while I dozed on the sofa, I ordered a pair of shoes from QVC. I promptly canceled the order this morning and hid the phone app.

2. What was your most recent car trouble?

Currently, Molly’s liftgate won’t open. It’s a common problem with her make/model, and I’m tempted to order the part from Amazon and see if I can replace it myself.

3. What’s a rhyming phrase (such as “work jerk” or “poo shoe”) to describe something causing you problems lately?

I am ALWAYS in a food mood, which is causing my clothes to be tight.

4. What’s something that needs loosening or unsticking?
WM carries two Hydroflask bottles to work every day; one for water and one for coffee. They are the hardest twist-off lids I’ve ever encountered. The bottles are stainless steel and very smooth, making it very difficult to get a good grip. The lids have a locking tab that digs into your hand and hurts when you twist. Now I ask him to open them.

5. What’s your favorite board game involving rolling dice?
CRAPS! CRAPS! I love playing CRA–

*rereads question*

Oh. Board games. Monopoly is my perennial favorite, although I’d like to get into some more modern board games. Any suggestions?

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