Watching: WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Only one of my guys won so far – Bobby Roode. Boo, hiss.

Eating: Banana bread, baked tonight.

Reading: What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky. Come back Tuesday for my Show Us Your Books post!

Learning: SAP Business Object Business Intelligence. It’s for work, and it’s a new thing and while I had training, I’m seeking entry level tutorials on it, because it’s new. I have a love/hate relationship with new software. If you know of any good online tutorials, let me know in the comments, please? Or email me at ladygypsy and then that AT sign with the usual gmail domain name.

Losing: At Words with Friends. STILL.

Sleeping: in tomorrow because it’s Work From Home Monday! Woooo! WM is off as well, so I’ll have an intern to bring me breakfast and lunch. My plan is to watch WeBI videos all morning.

Friday 5: Gimme one reason

Random alley taken from my work shuttle. Only tangentially related to this post.

Random alley taken from my work shuttle. Only tangentially related to this post.[/caption]Oh, sweet, glorious weekend. By the time I got home from work yesterday I was calling myself Old Woman Russell.

I hit the sofa with my Surface, opened this draft, and passed out. I’ve been nursing a pain in my side/back all week and although Dr. Google says it’s kidney disease I’m going to go with the fact that I did heavy yardwork earlier in the week. I’m a side sleeper too so every night while it should be healing I’m rolling over on it and tweaking it more. Yay middle age!

Here’s the Friday 5 that I pasted into this very space last night and fell asleep on. The theme is “Gimme one reason.”

1. What makes you unreasonably irritated?
TNP is situated on a very busy street in Philadelphia. Because it’s a city, there are police cars. Because there are police cars, there are sirens. I can handle sirens. But some police continuously restart the siren as they drive. So there is a BWOOP-BWOOPBWOOBWOOP-BWOOP noise the whole way down the street and that makes me very stabby.

2. What are you unreasonably particular about?
The elevator buttons at work spin around, so I spend every elevator trip spinning the floor numbers back to upright.

3. What’s something that’s unreasonably complicated?
Trying to obtain a long-form birth certificate from the state of Pennsylvania.

4. What are the best reasons for working in your field?
There will always be doctors and nurses. 🙂

5. What are some good reasons for the most recent silly purchase you made?
I’ve really tried to tamp down on the silly purchases. We are still paying off the A few months ago I bought a fuzzy sweatshirt from Target that says “weekend” on it. It is so soft and comfortable, and, let’s face it, weekends are worth celebrating!

(Blogged while watching a TinyKittens live birth in the other window. The kittens are adorable. Turn off the chat if you want to have any shred of confidence left in the intelligence of your fellow human beings.)

Work from home Mondays

Legit Boss, working from home.

TNP (which isn’t new anymore but I’m too lazy to change pseudonyms) instituted a new policy where we are able to pick one day a week to work from home. We could pick Monday, Thursday, or Friday, which allows us to have 2 core days a week where everyone can be in the office and attend meetings all day to collaborate.

I picked Mondays. Mostly because WWE pay per views are on Sunday nights and this allows me to watch them the full way and not be destroyed on Monday mornings. You might think I’m kidding. (I’m not kidding.)

Holy balls, what a luxury!

I set up my work laptop on my desk and plug it into my big ol’ gaming monitor. I blast my Pandora “Younger Guys with Guitars Who Sing to Me About How Great I Am” station. Or lately, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s latest Monday mixtape on Spotify. I wear sweatpants. And I swear I am twice as productive as I am when I go into the office, despite the fact that my office mate is a heavy snorer.

“let’s nap instead.”

I’m looking forward to summer, when I can set up shop out back in the sunshine.

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