Gratitude 2019wk10
The home office staff
Talk therapy gone wrong

Gratitude 2019wk10

Sunday: I’m glad I live in a heated home because it’s never going to get warm again, is it?

Monday: Work from home day on another day with a wintry commute!

Tuesday: My half birthday. I’m still here and still healthy.

Wednesday: Going to be vague here, but I identified something that has been causing me anxiety lately. Knowing what that issue is makes me feel better. (Grammarly hates that sentence, but has no good suggestions for it.) I hate the weird handwavy feeling of being anxious about something that you can’t put your finger on.

Thursday: TNP supplied us with breakfast and lunch, as well as a coffee cup to celebrate the inaugural National Hospitalist Day. I brought the cup home with designs to turn it into a flowerpot because I have so many mugs. NB: I realize it’s hella easy to find where I work, but I don’t want this creaky blog to show up when people search for my workplace.

Friday: My manager who has been with TNP for only 2 months had the awkward task of doing my yearly review. It’s good! Relief!

Saturday: Today the first of my seedlings sprouted. Cherry Tomatoes! After a week of sad, it was nice to see that life does find a way. 🙂

The home office staff

I have the privilege of working from home one day a week, and being a former gamer with a former gamer’s large monitor makes it easy. But I couldn’t do it at all without my home office staff.

This is my security guard. He makes certain that I’m aware of anybody who tries to enter the premises. He often patrols the back yard and loudly informs me that all is not well. Or well. He’s just kind of loud.

“there’s a #*^#@ squirrel on the #$(&@&( porch!”

This is my IT tech. He’s most often found under my desk as I work, making sure the wires are fine. He’ll even unplug one once in a while to make sure I’m on my toes.

“i’ll let you know if the computer gets too warm”

And this is the Harry, the intern. He’s here to observe how often I get snacks from the kitchen.

*bubbles happily!*

Talk therapy gone wrong

Me: I’m having a problem with how I react to a woman who obviously doesn’t work at my building, but takes the free shuttle to the building from City Hall. She’s older and has a cane and STILL I silently rage when she gets on the bus.

WM: Are you sure she doesn’t work there?

Me: Positive. She gets off at the TV station door and then crosses the street to the Community College. I get so mad and I shouldn’t. It doesn’t affect me at all. And if I did say something, the shuttle drivers would get in trouble and they’d ask all of us for our work ID before boarding. It’s stupid and I should be bigger than this.

WM: I’d strike up a conversation with her.

Me: Huh?

WM: Hi! Are you new to the building? I haven’t seen you in the lobby before.

Me: “That’s because I don’t work there, fucker. I work at the Community College!”

WM: Nooo…

Me: “And take your shuttle because I found it on the GRIFTERNET, asshole!”

WM: Noooooo…


WM: (pause)  … “I stole my cane from a real handicapped person!”

Me: “It’s filled with bags of cocaine that I sell to the college kids! HEEHEEHEEHEEHEE”

WM: “It’s actually baking soda!”

Me: “I stand near the Honduran food truck and call ICE to try to get the employees deported!”

WM: “I’m making America Great Again! One stolen bus ride at a time!”


Me: God I hope I don’t see her tomorrow.

Epilogue: this was set to post last Thursday, and lo and behold, that morning the shuttle manager came on the shuttle and reiterated that the shuttle was for my building only. He asked anyone from the community college to raise their hands. Four people did, including the woman above. And then he made them all get off the shuttle. One of the college employees started screaming at the DRIVER, who had nothing to do with this. It was awkward. Let the record show that in the end I was the bigger person and did NOT rat these people out. But someone else sure did.

Lesson: If you’re grifting a ride on a free shuttle, get off at the main entrance of the building and walk the 1 block back to your own.

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