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I took Max out for his morning walk today. Autumn managed to creep into my life without a formal greeting — only the pleasant realization that she is here. My walks with Max have gone gradually from tank top to t-shirt to long-sleeve t-shirt. Only today when I zipped up my hoodie over my t-shirt did I realize that the formerly steamy pavements that we walked are now wearing a coat of crunchy leaves.

Seasons change, people change, without notice or reason. Sometimes the changes aren’t apparent right off the bat. They take you by surprise, and your only recourse is to either laugh or cry.

That said, I will no longer cry at change. Hear me? I. Will. No. Longer. Cry. At. Change.

Fantasy Football

From the Commissioner’s recap of week 2:

John (1-0) vs Kim (0-1)
The Sibling Rivalry Game
Kim hands John a crushing blow (similar to the many crushing blows John received in football on Saturday). She’s leading by 300+ points with all her starters played. John must rely on Brian Westbrook tonight to give him the win.

Actually, it was over 350 last I checked. Anyone out there who can forcefully step on Westbrook’s pinkie toe before tonight’s game? 😉

…the days keep scribbling themselves by in tidy lines…

Blogkeeping: Every time I’ve tried to post this week, I’ve had Blogger issues. Sometimes it was publishing, sometimes it was just accessing the site itself. It was odd, but annoying enough that I downloaded WordPress and am thinking about giving it a shot. That way, I’ll be able to manage my own comments and categorize my posts. I’ve already installed it on my server — it took less than 5 minutes. The toughest part will be getting my site design templated.

Housekeeping: I’m happy to announce that after much steaming and only a few burns, I’ve managed to scrape off all of the wallpaper in the ‘guest’ room. Thor repaired all of the holes and gouges. Looks like next week we’ll be priming the walls. Our goal is to get the room done by the time Thor’s parents visit in December. I decided to take a personal day tomorrow. No plans other than to putter about the house. It’ll be nice. 🙂

Gaming:On the game front, Dark Radiant (City of Heroes) is 21, Terrwyn (Dark Age of Camelot) is 7 and Dierdre the Pain (Asheron’s Call) is 114.

Guilty pleasure: I watched the first episode of Survivor:Vanuatu on Thursday. Some observations:

  • You were chosen to be on Survivor. Shouldn’t you spend all of your free time practicing making fire?? Nine seasons and STILL people can’t make fire on their own.
  • Why, why, WHY vote off the strong when you’re in a team? Vote off the weak when you have to work together to survive, and vote off the strong once it becomes an individual game.
  • Scout has to go. She’s 59, a cancer survivor, a motivational speaker, a lesbian, a musician, a ranch owner, and has a knee replacement. She also had to be dragged out of the mud pit during the immunity/reward challenge because she wore out. On day 3. C’mon, Rudy was 72 during Survivor:Borneo and fared much better.

    Note to Mark Burnett, creator of Survivor: Stop casting people based on their inspirational stories or personality quirks or the fact that they’re a blonde pigtailled shepherdess. Really, a shepherdess? Real people are so much more interesting.

    Fantasy Football: In week 2, my Legend Killers (0-1) are currently beating the Cherry Hilltoppers (0-1) by 361 points. All of my players had their games today. Hilltopper (and Philadelphia Eagle) Brian Westbrook plays tomorrow. Here’s hoping he has a crappy night. I really want this win. Oh, did I mention that the Cherry Hilltoppers is my brother’s team? (smirk)

  • September 13, 2004

    Mood: Happy
    Work docket: I got not nary ONE thing done today because my whole day was filled with telephone calls and questions.
    Lunch: Had lunch w/John at the Bistro at Cherry Hill. It’s in the Cherry Hill Mall.
    Dinner: Chick-fil-A sandwich. Most of it anyway. I left some of the bun.
    Countdowns: 32 days until my vacation. 3 days until Survior:Vanuatu. I hope a volcano erupts during the show!
    Fantasy Football: My Legend killers got SPANKED in their week one matchup. And not even in a fun way. 😉 The guy who scored the highest on my team was a dude on my BENCH! (Thomas Jones, RB, Chicago) We can’t have this. I’m really going to have to re-evaluate my team for next week.

    After work I went back to the mall for a little shopping. I went into Victoria’s Secret for a garter belt…came out empty handed because this 8ish year old boy was just…just…LEERING at me. I never thought kids that age could leer. In any case, it was squicky enough for me to leave.

    My last stop on the way home was Pier One. I always love going into that store, and 99% of the time I walk out empty handed. Tonight I realized why. They have some ugly stuff. What the heck am I going to do with a bunch of bamboo sticks? They did have some nice (albeit very expensive) Christmas ornaments out. It’ll be nice to have Christmas in a house this year. It’s been a long time coming.

    I ended up returning home with nary a dollar spent, save the Chick-Fil-A sandwich.

    Last night I – um – ‘acquired’ some music from a band called Flogging Molly. Irish punk band complete with an accordion, fiddle, and spoons. It ain’t no Dave Matthews Band, I’ll tell you that! I’ll try it out some more, and if I like it, I’ll buy the CD. If not, I’ll delete it and be done. I like trying on music like that.

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