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Debate 1

Debate 1
Moderator: Senator Kerry…do you think you can do a better job than President Bush at preventing another 911?
Kerry: First, I’d like to thank you for moderating…
Me: Oh, Christmas… **click**

I lost about $50 on the horse races today. Only had one winner…a horse named Ally McSqueal.

And I think I’m boycotting Survivor until Scout goes. She plays all granola-hippie…all “I want there to be harmony on our tribe” and then when voting Mia off says, “Good luck finding a husband.” The cattiest of catty remarks. Hate Scout. HATE.

We are the champions!

We are the champions!

And by about 100 points, my Legend Killers took my brother’s Cherry Hilltoppers to football school! Oh yeah! Right on! Whooooooooooooo!

Thor, Monday night: This is new.
Me: (highstrung) What?
Thor: You sitting here watching the last quarter of Monday Night Football. You don’t like football.
Me: (yelling at TV) Westbrook! He can’t get the ball! Bench him! You’re already winning!
Thor: This is definately new.
Me: (screeching) NOoooooooo! He got a Touchdown! Wait…no…that’s Owens. OK. good.

No hard feelings though. We had dinner tonight at Applebees and discussed some trade options that’ll strengthen both of our teams. I need better QBs.

Not much going on here at Chez LadyGypsy. Max chewed up my laptop power cord a few nights ago, so I’m waiting on the replacement that I ordered from Dell. And I bought my first Halloween decoration for the house. A Jack-o-lantern that has fiberoptic strands edging the facial cutouts. Oh, and it’s a Mickey Mouse head.

(There’s your obligatory Disney reference, anonymous commenter. I know you’re still reading…)

And I’m politically torn again…leaning back toward Bush. Kerry just hasn’t moved me at all. Or maybe that’s due to the fact that I’m listening to Talk Radio again.


I took Max out for his morning walk today. Autumn managed to creep into my life without a formal greeting — only the pleasant realization that she is here. My walks with Max have gone gradually from tank top to t-shirt to long-sleeve t-shirt. Only today when I zipped up my hoodie over my t-shirt did I realize that the formerly steamy pavements that we walked are now wearing a coat of crunchy leaves.

Seasons change, people change, without notice or reason. Sometimes the changes aren’t apparent right off the bat. They take you by surprise, and your only recourse is to either laugh or cry.

That said, I will no longer cry at change. Hear me? I. Will. No. Longer. Cry. At. Change.

Fantasy Football

From the Commissioner’s recap of week 2:

John (1-0) vs Kim (0-1)
The Sibling Rivalry Game
Kim hands John a crushing blow (similar to the many crushing blows John received in football on Saturday). She’s leading by 300+ points with all her starters played. John must rely on Brian Westbrook tonight to give him the win.

Actually, it was over 350 last I checked. Anyone out there who can forcefully step on Westbrook’s pinkie toe before tonight’s game? 😉

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