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NFL Draft Experience 2017

May 8, 2017

The NFL Draft Experience was in Philadelphia two weeks ago and was only a 20-minute walk away from TNP. Who knows when this could happen again, so on that Friday some of my coworkers and I took a walk to see the action. We had an absolute blast, and I don’t even like football.

Welcome to the NFL draft experience!


I could have spent an entire day there. There was so much to do — field goal kicks, 40-yd dashes, contests, a huge line to see the Superbowl trophy (insert jokes about the Eagles here) and rings, and even a frigging ZIP LINE but I had to go back to work so I couldn’t wait the extra half hour to risk life and limb.

Me and a giant Detroit Lions helmet. A nod to Michigan-born WM.

My coworker and me with Swoop, the Eagles Mascot.

Guys, we need to talk about Swoop. When we were settling in for the picture below, he was gyrating and catcall-whistling at us. But I didn’t mind because at 44 I take whatever I can get, even if it’s from an anthropomorphic eagle.

The heads outside of House Lannister.

Carson Wentz’s stuff. He’s a football-thrower in town.

I effing love chips, okay?

I’m sure there was a tribute to the gloriousness that is football pants (second only to baseball pants), but we didn’t have time to search for it. Lunchtime ended too quickly. We bought some swag from the NFL store and walked back to the office.

And proof that the draft should be in Philadelphia every year …

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  • SMD @ Life According to Steph May 8, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    I saw the bottom photo online and was hooting.

    I’ve rendezvoused with Swoop before and found him similarly dirty.