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Currently: Super Bowl edition
Friday 5: Returns
Yoga with Adriene Find What Feels Good Roadshow – Philadelphia

Currently: Super Bowl edition

Favorite Kid doesn’t read my blog yet.

Watching: The Super Bowl. I know. I’m not an Eagles fan, or really a football fan in general (I’m more a hockey/baseball person) but I am watching the hometown team VERY anxiously. For my family, my friends, my pretty city of Philadelphia, I want them to win.

I’m angrily watching Justin Timberlake because if Janet Jackson doesn’t come out and rip his pants off, I’m going to be pissed. Never forget.

Win or lose, I’m DAMN glad–

— oh he did NOT invoke the image of Prince there. Oh, I’ll give you two fingers, Timberlake….

–I’m DAMN glad I’m working from home tomorrow. It’s either going to be crazy in town, or crazy in town.

Baking: More bread.

Aching: Because I finished my 30 days of yoga, and today hopped onto the Total Gym.

Sewing: A red “A” pillow for my Favorite Kid for Valentine’s Day. In the time it’ll take for me to make this, I would be able to build a Wal-Mart, source this pillow from China and have it shipped to me.

Reading: The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand, a name I can never remember how to spell. I picked this book up from the library because I am COLD and need some beach in my life.

No Janet Jackson. Not even Britney Spears. Bah.

Friday 5: Returns

I think this was my first 5-day workweek of the year and I NAILED IT. I kid, I’m exhausted.

Murphy is never exhausted. Here he is with the plastic garden edging that he removed from the garden. WM just said living with Murphy is like living with Bam Bam Rubble.

Philadelphia is jacked up because the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. I’m not a fan of the organization or really the NFL at large. (I have opinions.) But it’s really nice seeing all of my coworkers and family and friends so excited about this. I kind of hope they win.

Halleluja! The Friday 5 has returned after a run-in with some bad hombres. This week’s topic is Returns. Let’s get to it!

1. What was the last item you returned or exchanged at a store?
The last item I returned was an Erin Condren planner, but that was online. I had to enlist WM’s help and he remembered when we returned a hand truck with a busted tire back to Home Depot before we moved into the house. Almost three years ago. I shop mostly online now. KIM PRIME!

2. When did you last leave the house and then turn right back around and go back inside?
On Tuesday I had to go back in to get my work badge. I usually keep it right by the door and grab it on the way out with my keys. But once in a blue moon I keep it clipped to my outfit from the day before. THAT’S when I’m running back into the house.

3. What’s the latest you’ve ever returned a library book?
Three days late. In the spring/summer/fall I walk to the Philadelphia Free Library on Vine Street during lunch. One day last year it rained for days and I just couldn’t make myself hire an Uber or (horrors) walk in the rain to return my books.

4. What location among places you’ve traveled would you most like to see again?
I really want to go back to the Caribbean. I close my eyes and dream of the clear water and pretty sand.

5. What’s an unlikely movie sequel you’d like to see?
You’ve Got Mail 2. It’s 2005. Disgusted with how her family is handling their retail bookselling business, the now-grown Annabelle Fox creates the world’s first ereader. Unknown to her, the freelance developer she’s working with on the project is also her closest match on a dating site. His day job? Librarian.

Happy Friday!

Yoga with Adriene Find What Feels Good Roadshow – Philadelphia

For almost 2 years, I’ve been practicing yoga with the Yoga with Adriene videos on Youtube. I LOOOOOOOOVE them because I can practice in my home, for free, whenever I want. When Adriene announced that she was taking her Find What Feels Good Roadshow to Philadephia, I screamed SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Which is how I found myself at the Fillmore in Philadelphia on a sunny September Monday.

I won’t lie, I was apprehensive. I went there on my own and didn’t know anyone. Also, the class was billed at being 90 minutes long and I had never done a yoga video longer than 40 minutes. In reality, I had nothing to worry about. Everybody was lovely, and the class was paced so that we all made it through with minimal whining.

After the class, I waited in a VERY long line and got to meet Adriene and she was as lovely as I imagined. She is doing a little tree pose. I look like a person who just did 90 minutes of yoga and couldn’t lift my leg.

This is a picture from the event — I’m at the bottom, circled in white. You can see my foot!

Empowered with positivity and a rekindled passion for fitness, I celebrated the only way I know how. Buying a bunch of swag and having a healthy snack.

If you have the chance, see Adriene when she comes to your town.

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