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The fruits of a four day weekend
Friday 5: Regionalism
Philadelphia Rail Park

The fruits of a four day weekend

I’m super glad I went to the beach on Friday, because it was the best day of the four days I had off.

On Saturday my credit card and I dressed up and met friends for tea at the Mary Cassatt Tea Room at the Rittenhouse hotel for swanky Afternoon Tea.

It was so worth it. The company was amazing, and although you’d think teeny sandwiches like this wouldn’t be filling but with a pot of tea, a glass (okay two) of sparkling wine, and a selection of tiny desserts even I, queen of the neverending appetite, was satiated.

Sunday I did my grocery shopping and general running around. I dried some more oregano and harvested basil to make pesto, which I’ll post about later this week. And it was SummerSlam night. You know I’m a WWE junkie.

Today I wanted to make sure I was back on track for food this week. I found this recipe for Honey Lemon Chicken Bowls from Gimme Some Oven and gave it a whirl.

The kitchen smelled amazing, and not only do I have four ready to go for this week, but I have 2 more servings that we can use for dinner one night.

I also did a crapton of laundry and even worked out. It was a good weekend! Tomorrow it’s back to the grind and I have to try and remember how to be a productive member of society.

Friday 5: Regionalism

Happy Friday! This is my last Summer Friday of the summer (weeps, gnashes teeth) so I spent it the way I tried to spend every Summer Friday – down the shore.


I made that animated gif! It’s 1994 all over again!

basic beach … collage

We got home around 3. I took a shower, had some fast food for dinner and parked myself outside with a stack of magazines to let my hair dry naturally to give it some beachy waves.

Left: What I think my hair looks like when I let my it air-dry.
Right: What my hair actually looks like when I let it air-dry.


Time for the Friday 5! This week’s theme is regionalism, which looks to be interesting. Let’s get to it!

1. What regional colloquialism in your area would baffle people from elsewhere?

For anyone new, I live in Southern New Jersey, a quick 20 minute train ride from Fluffya — I mean Philadelphia. The big regional word lately is jawn. It’s a word you can drop in for any noun you’d like. I’m all up in this jawn. I gotta get some of that jawn. That jawn I linked explains more.

2. What’s something you call by a name that differs from what most people in your region call it?

The train I take to work is called the PATCO High Speedline. When I was a kid it was called the Speedline. Today, most riders call it PATCO, like they’d refer to SEPTA in Philly or BART in San Francisco. I still call it the Speedline though, because old habits die hard.

3. What’s a normal food in your region that people in other regions might be weirded out by?

People from elsewhere seem to be weirded out by Jersey’s pork roll and the region’s scrapple. I think every region has their own weird meat product, though.

4. What’s something in your area with an official name almost nobody refers to it by?
Many people still call ATMs MAC machines, because the first version of it here was called the Money Access Center.

5. What are the names of some convenience stores in your area?
7-11 has always been around. Royal Farms is staking a claim. But South Jersey’s heart is already taken by one. Wawa. Home of Hoagiefest (which sadly ended two weeks ago). Where the area’s rich and poor rub shoulders as they pour themselves delicious coffee every morning.

I love Wawa.

This is day one of a four-day weekend. It’s going to be great, and I am going to be a hurting pup in September when I end up having to work five-day weeks again.

Philadelphia Rail Park

Some good folks in Philadelphia are taking old rail lines and turning them into a park!

You: New York has already done that.
Me: Whatever. Killjoy.

Phase 1 was finished about a month ago. It’s a close walk from my office and I’ve been trying to walk 30 minutes at lunch every day (groan) so off I went!

It’s a quick walk and there are giant swinging benches at one side that would be nice to use if you had time to spare. Portions of the walking track are made of small white rocks, so beware if you’re wearing sandals.

I’m going to make a point to take my lunch there once a week, because one of the things I missed working in the city is outdoor green space.

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