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Friday 5: Break of Day
The Alma Mater
Friday 5: Nonstrosity

Friday 5: Break of Day

Oh happy happy day! It’s Memorial Day weekend. This means two amazing things:

1) Eleven Memorial Day weekends ago, WM took a 12 hour ride from Michigan with a jeep full of stuff to move int with me at the Dee-luxe Apartment in the Sky. Eleven! We both took a heck of a risk and it has paid off in spades.

2) Summer! My favorite season yawns ahead of me with the promise of warm sunshine and grilled corn. Today Mom and I took a trip to Margate and plopped on the beach for a few hours. We bought our season beach passes. It was GLORIOUS.


Two of my social media beefs about this weekend:

1) People who post crying military widow/devoted service dog memes chiding others for forgetting the meaning of Memorial Day. It is wholly possible for a human being to remember the dead troops WHILE enjoying a BBQ or sitting at the beach. We are complex individuals.

2) People who toss shout-outs to their living military peeps. That’s what Veteran’s Day (and let’s face it, the other 364 days of the year anymore) is for. Memorial day is for people who died during active service.

Tomorrow is Collingswood Mayfair. Sunday we plan to go to the NJ Ren Faire, weather permitting. Summer! It’s just the best!


Time for the Friday 5. This week’s theme is Break of Day. Let’s get to it!

1. When did you last break something made of glass?
I honestly can’t remember. I very rarely use actual glasses for drinking anymore. I love plastic cups instead.

2. When did you last break something ceramic?
I purposefully broke a cracked terracotta flower pot so I could put the shards into other pots for drainage. Super exciting, right?

3. When did you last break something electronic?
I am awful with charger cables.

4. When did you last break a non-traffic-related law?
I … hm. What is the statute of limitations on downloading music from Napster?

5. When did you last break a promise?
I break promises to myself all the time!

It took me two hours to write this because I’ve been watching a recording of Masterpiece’s Little Women. It’s my favorite book of all times and the 1994 movie (Winona Ryder) is my favorite movie. I have … opinions about this version. If I only had a place to share them on … 😉

The Alma Mater

I mentioned before that WM is taking grad school classes — he’s going to my alma mater, Rowan University*. On Saturday, we took a trip to the University’s library so WM could take some books out for his term paper. He checked out 18 books, which dashes any desire of mine to go back to school ever. Ever! And I love books!

Oh man. There has been so much built there in the (takes out abacus) MANY years since I graduated. There’s a whole downtown where we had just a few shady bars. And there’s a brand new library.

We mugged in front of the sign.

When I attended, this was only a sundial!

Old and new…

While WM was checking out his dozen-plus books, I noticed this beauty — an old RCA television camera which is part of a larger exhibit which was closed that day. I’d like to think it was a nod to my Radio/Television major.

Another shot from inside the library of the Rowan logo.

We were the only ones on the third floor of the library. As we were leaving at 1:30pm, we FINALLY saw some students walking around the quad. And then it hit me — they were just waking up. 🙂

As we are Old we were ready for our second meal of the day. We ended up at Iron Hill where even the beer menu was taking sides for the Super Bowl.

*Although I attended a few names ago.

Friday 5: Nonstrosity

Happy Saturday! I was feeling under the weather for most of the week so I didn’t get to blogging when I wanted. But no more guilt about that. My blog, no advertisers, no rules!

This morning I came downstairs and the dogs were already outside. WM let them in and they joyfully ran over to me, tails wagging. Murphy proudly dropped a gray hairy blob at my feet — it was a long-dead mouse. HOORAY!

After I climbed down from the ceiling, we went to Wawa (where most busy Saturdays start), a yard sale, the post office, the Collingswood Book Festival, the Haddon Heights Fall Fest, Paper Source in Marlton Evesham and back home by noon. Yeah. I wore my Reading Trumps Ignorance shirt, which got no comments at the Book Festival, and a small comment from a vendor in Haddon Heights.

She: What’s your shirt say?
Me: Reading Trumps Ignorance.
She: I’m a Trump fan.
Me: Okay!

By then I already had purchased something from her, so hey, whatever. I’m sure this lovely older woman is happy she’s making America great again by selling decorative lawn flags that were made in China.

I also fell hard for this apple basket decorated to look like a pumpkin. I hate fall but the decor sure is pretty.

When we got home I spent the afternoon sitting outside in the 85-degree weather, and then I cleaned all of the dog poop out of the yard. My glamorous life!

Tonight we saw the lovely Kristen (and my the rest of the fam) for her birthday dinner and I filled my belly with pasta.

But rght now, it’s time for the Friday 5. This week’s theme is Nonstrosity. Let’s get to it!

1. What’s a good movie for October that has nothing to do with monsters or Halloween?

As I’ve said many times, I’m not a movie person (though the reserved recliners at my newly-refurbished local movie joint is slowly making me rethink that). But I’m a HUGE fan of the movie “You’ve Got Mail” and one of the memorable lines is “Don’t you just love New York in the fall?”

2. What’s a good couple of songs for October that have nothing to do with monsters or Halloween?

Eh. How about O New England by the Decemberists?

3. What are some reasons to love October?

The beginning of hockey season. (Devils win 4-1!) Oh, how about climate change? Look at this beauty!

I know this is fundamentally wrong but … I’m not going to complain overly much.

4. Radio stations sometimes call this month Rocktober, doing special playlists or giveaways in celebration of rock music. What would be a better rhyming name for this month, and how might it be celebrated?

Cocktober. Glocktober. I could have sworn that at one point there was a “Proctober” where people urged men to get prostate exams, but I can’t find anything about it. It probably was pinkwashed out and replaced by the eyerolling Movember movement. But I think it’s a good idea.

5. What would be a good holiday to establish in October for those U.S. states not commemorating Columbus Day?

Indigenous People’s Day and Leif Erikson Day are already becoming things, and I am fine with that.

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