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Safe, loved, and warm in 2018

I promised myself on my birthday that I would do more to make sure my neighbors (here in NJ and in the USA) can be safe, loved and warm. Here’s how I’m trying to do that in 2018.

1. I have switched my political affiliation, again. Again-again? I really didn’t want to, because I belonged to a third party and I believe we really need some more third parties involved. However, in New Jersey you cannot vote in primaries unless you are one of the Big Two, so I filled out a form and picked a side. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Axe-murderer handwriting

We can’t do this online in NJ because the state requires an actual signature.

2. I am continuing to use Resistbot to contact my representatives. Here in NJ, I am represented by two Democratic senators — the vocal Cory Booker and the … problematic … Bob Menendez. We’re usually on the same side of things. My representative is Don Norcross, whom I didn’t vote for (he was a complete lock so I tossed my vote toward a third-party candidate), but who is doing a bang-up job. I make sure my notes to them are thankful but not fawning.

I love Resistbot because I can craft faxes to my reps while on the shuttle to/from work every day. It’s a good use of time that I’d spend gazing out the window. AND, I bought a stack of postcards (with a patriotic theme, because I still do love this country) and some postcard stamps so I can go old-school.

My canine helper.

3. I subscribed to the Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience. It’s a weekly email by Jennifer Hoffman, and it gives a concise summary of actions that can be taken against legislative efforts that (usually) are against my safe, loved, and warm platform. What’s best is what’s NOT in the checklist:

  • No partisan b.s., name-calling, or insults.
  • No exclamation marks or yelling.
  • No vilifying.
  • No conspiracy theories.
  • No scary hype.

Because after a year of watching sane people scream for 400+ days straight without catching a breath, I welcome the levelheadedness of this list.

4. I want to attend some city council meetings this year. I haven’t yet, but I think if I’m going to be louder about my opinions, I should at least know how my local government works. Knowing who my councilpeople are and how they behave will make me a more informed voter. I’ll let you know how this goes.

In light of the above, I didn’t go to the Philadelphia Women’s March on Saturday. I had a great time last year, but honestly? I didn’t feel like going alone, and I didn’t have the energy to either organize my own group of people or try to invite myself into other groups. I’m proud of and thankful for everyone who did go out there.

Last year’s march taught me that I needed to become involved. This year I AM more involved.

Safe, loved, and warm!

Currently, exhausted homeowner edition

Reading Al Franken, Giant of the Senate. I’m enjoying his outsider’s perspective on running for a Senate seat and his experiences working in DC. I was inspired to switch my party affiliation to the Democrats, but then Donna Brazile had to be Donna Brazile and I changed my mind. I’ll remain a member of my currently-also-batshit-crazy third party and wait until the DNC grows up a bit more.

Tuesday is election day, so get out and vote. Hate what’s going on? Hit up your local races. Loving The Donald? Go do the same. Me? Eight years ago I voted Chris Christie into office and indirectly inflicted him on the rest of you. (Eight years ago he was a completely different man.) Tuesday I’ll vote for not-Kim-Guadango and try to right the ship of state.

Her opponents for Governor and Lieutenant Governor are named Murphy and Oliver and I need one of those signs for the garage once this election’s done. GO VOTE! GO VOTE!

Beaming with pride over the little home improvment projects I’ve been working on. My crone room is really shaping up now that I’m moving things back in. The color looked a bit strong in an empty room but it’s becoming much more warmer and inviting now. I purchased curtains from Walmart – $5/panel – and my next step is to get a new craft table to replace the old Ikea one I have.

Two years ago when we moved in, the old owners left a bunch of shelving materials in the guest room closet. But no closet rod. Last week I bought a rod and this week (with an assist from WM) I took up a drill and installed it all. Not only does it look good, it’s level!

Framing photos. I have a lot of framed photos in the house. Every fall, I go through the last year’s photo backup and pick a bunch of new ones to add to the frames. I upload them to Target and grab the prints during my next trip there. It’s a lot better setup than when I used to try and print my own photos. Screw the expensive inks and photo paper.

Drinking my first Starbucks holiday drink of the year. (Salted caramel mocha.) I’m one of those people who are completely fine ignoring Thanksgiving and going to Christmas. Soon I’ll be freezing cookie dough for December!

Struggling to stay awake. The clock changes mess me up big time. It feels like it should be midnight.

Losing — yeah yeah…you know the drill.

When I am an old woman I shall wear pink.

As of today, my presidential voting record is: Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Kerry (ugh), McCain, Obama, Clinton. And on the NJ side, I voted for Jon Corzine and then Chris Christie. Twice. Yep. So trust and believe that I am truly someone who tries really hard to see all sides of an issue, AND someone who has issues with both sides of the aisle.

But when this:

Women’s March, January 2017.


International Women’s Day, March 2017.

And this:

ACLU card, March 2017

Happens in the course of three months to someone who once wrote a War-on-Christmas-adjacent rant, you can safely assume that I feel something is SERIOUSLY broken.

At this rate I’ll be full-on Communist by the time I’m 60.


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