About the election…

November 19, 2020

The race wasn’t called for Biden/Harris for four harrowing days post-election. The Biden/Harris team won the popular vote and the electoral vote; however, Trump and his minions are filing lawsuits in various states trying to cast doubts on the legitimacy of the election. In some cases, they’re challenging the mail in results. In others, they’re challenging the voting machines. His challenges are being overturned and declined, but the damage these lawsuits are causing to the American people on a whole is serious. He keeps whipping his followers into a frenzy about rigged elections and stolen votes. And he’s not conceding, so the usual transition of power isn’t taking place. While our citizens continue to die from an unchecked virus.

A modern take on my favorite meme. Also we are in an age where Oprah explains memes.

And the extreme leftists are already trashing Biden/Harris for not being progressive enough. I agree that it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to step down. She had a good run, but we need new eyes and ideas in the House.

It’s exhausting and any positive feelings I had about Biden’s win crumbled within days of his speech.

The electors vote in December, meaning we have about 3 weeks more of this slog.

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