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When I am an old woman I shall wear pink.

As of today, my presidential voting record is: Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Kerry (ugh), McCain, Obama, Clinton. And on the NJ side, I voted for Jon Corzine and then Chris Christie. Twice. Yep. So trust and believe that I am truly someone who tries really hard to see all sides of an issue, AND someone who has issues with both sides of the aisle.

But when this:

Women’s March, January 2017.


International Women’s Day, March 2017.

And this:

ACLU card, March 2017

Happens in the course of three months to someone who once wrote a War-on-Christmas-adjacent rant, you can safely assume that I feel something is SERIOUSLY broken.

At this rate I’ll be full-on Communist by the time I’m 60.



I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. It wasn’t just a party thing — I usually hop all over the place with voting* or a woman thing, although that would have been fantastic to see. I voted for the more experienced candidate, the one with the better resume.

(obvs this is posed)

Current mood: despondent.

AAAND she lost. I should have known when I laughed at Trump verbally slaughtering the Republican candidates one by one that he would have been a bigger threat. But I wrote him off as a joke. And although he received fewer popular votes, he won the system as we have had it set up for hundreds of years.

I see many, many people claiming that he’s not their president. And although I have facepalmed so much these last few weeks that I feel the topography of my face flattening I have to say this: he is my president.

I take a train each morning to work. And on most days, the operator is the same guy. But if someone else happens to be chosen to operate that train, I can’t say, “Nope. Not my train operator.” Because I am literally on that train and that guy is literally operating it. And most important: I want him to be responsible for properly driving the train with me on it.

I feel as if when we say Trump’s not our president, we are washing our hands of him. Instead, we need to hold his feet to the fire. Listen, mister…you are MY president, and here’s a list of things you need to do.

I will continue to facepalm for the rest of today. But starting tomorrow, I intend on figuring out what comes next.

* Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Kerry, McCain, Obama, Clinton. I’m also still a registered Libertarian. I’m a hot mess.

Stupid Beading Tricks: Earrings for Coworkers and Election Day woes.

Happy Election Day! We voted a little after 7am and then got coffee and a donut at Dunkin’ Donuts to celebrate. There was no line and we received no stickers. I have never received a sticker for voting. Eh, no big. In other Election Day news, I am staying off of Facebook for a few days. When I made a plan this morning to post a picture of agreen “X” illuminated next to Roseanne Barr’s name just to piss off everyone there (“Hey, guys, I listened to ALL of you and voted for candidate that NONE of you trashed! Click “Like” plx!) I realized I needed a break.

In the meantime, I’ve made a few earrings for my coworkers.

“CC Rider” — beads wrapped around a circle frame with a Swarovski dangle in the middle. My first foray into ombre.

“Life’s a Beach” – featuring shell drops by Lillypilly Designs.

“Griffith Lane” – I handmade the teardrop frames. I swear the middle bead on each earring are the same color. There’s an AB finish on one side.

My NaNoWriMo Novel Permanently Shelved is trucking along. I’m still on track to finish on time and will break the 10,000 word mark today!

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