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October 7, 2018

So hey, it’s been a while. Haven’t felt like blogging. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

(Clockwise from top left.)

In light of recent current events on this dark timeline where we now have Supreme Court Justice Ragey McPrepbro — and conservatism aside because at times I have voted Republican, is this the most sterling candidate he could come up with? — I signed up with Postcards to Voters and am writing til my hand cramps up. So you didn’t think President Trump would be a big deal and now you’re seeing the light? Vote. Vote right down that ticket, Governor down to town council.

I made lemon thyme salad dressing today with some of the thyme from my garden. Remy approves.

I also planted garlic. If the 80-degree October weather continues, I’ll have some this fall. Climate change, amirite?

And my manager rudely left for another company, so I sent an encouraging text on his first day. I’m nice like that.

Tuesday is show us your books day. I have 24 hours to get that post together.

(If I had a dollar for each time a man told me not to worry about Trump…)

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