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Reclaiming my shelves

Back in 2006, when I was a single lady with 2 cats and a cozy, girly apartment, I was given this lovely piece.

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Long story short, the apartment was all white and I decided to get a bunch of red accessories to make it pop. And it did and it looked amazing and I will always be proud of what I built there.

And now it’s 11 years later and I am a married lady with a husband and 75 pounds of spaniels. We have a home that came painted a very warm gray and my tastes have changed. (there was also some compromise) I still have the red sofa – I’m blogging from it now!

I didn’t want to toss the red shelves because they were a gift that meant a lot to me. However, they didn’t match anything. I gently stored them in the garage until I could find a place for it.

But…I had a place. My house. If only there was a way to change something’s color…

Goodbye, red.

It took many stinking coats of paint to cover the red.

In progress

I had one painting session dedicated to painting the fiddly floral scrollwork at the top. I had to get a special brush and all. I even replaced the hooks.

If you see tinges of red, it’s because you’re on drugs or seeing things. THERE IS NO MORE RED.

I’m so happy with how it turned out. I don’t know what I’ll actually put on it (dead pets have been moved elsewhere; see above re: compromise), but it looks fantastic in our dining room and it’s a callback to the little red and white apartment in the human filing cabinet that I once called home.

Murphy’s path of destruction, a photo post

Ollie spoiled us. He was a very, VERY good puppy. He was just good, with very little training necessary. He wasn’t destructive. He was a good sleeper. He was happy to just listen to us and play with his toys.

And then came Murphy.

This little numbnut, WHOM I ADORE, cannot be left alone for more than 15 minutes without finding something that we have been too lazy to put away. Behold, a photo collection of his destruction…

A Lowes Lawn & Garden clipping bag. He beat the crap out of it.

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Around the House

This summer all of the HGTV we’ve been watching finally began to stick, because we did quite a lot of work around the house.

WM built a work bench for the garage. It’s spiffy.

Next he built some above-window shelves for our stupid and fast-growing collection of Funko POPs. (I love our collection, yet am mortified I keep buying them. This isn’t even all of them.)

And then I built my first woodworking project since 7th grade – a little shelf for the oversink kitchen cabinet. I USED POWER TOOLS!

It keeps all of this crap from falling on my head everytime I open it, and it smells good too.

We stained and hung a wooden ornament we got from some Groupon-ish deal last year.

Outside, WM planted some juniper bushes along the sides of the yard.


We both ripped out all of the irises from the front yard. It was a tough decision, because they were one of the few plants that actually thrived, but they only bloomed for 2 weeks a year, and the rest of the time they crowded out the other plants. We bade them au revoir and the front immediately looks much better without them. I don’t have a picture because it’s just a patch of dirt.

The only fails this summer were garden-related. We still can’t seem to grow grass and will give it one more go this fall. And the rabbits destroyed any and all attempts at growing flowers. My mums have been eaten down to the stalks, and the container gardens I planted were an all-you-can-eat buffet. I’ll try the garden again next year, with the knowledge that I’ll have to probably build up some raised beds with fencing. Until then, I’ll resignedly leave this into the bare soil….

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