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Friday 5: Who Put the Pomp in the Pomp Bah Pomp Bah Pomp?
Ollie outtake
Currently: crazy-ass western robot edition

Friday 5: Who Put the Pomp in the Pomp Bah Pomp Bah Pomp?

Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong?

This week’s mood. I appreciate that St. Patrick was over my shoulder while I ate.

That’s going to be in my head all night…

Happy Friday! I worked from home today which means that this afternoon I worked from the patio chair in the back yard. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

Both dogs had vet appointments. Murphy received FIVE shots on Monday to start his journey as an adult dog. Ollie went back last night to get his ears looked at again. For those who care about dog ear infections, the yeast count is way down but one ear is STILL inflamed, so we’re switching him to a steroid ear drop for a month. Then he’ll go back to the vet. If the inflammation remains, he’ll stay on the steroid drops once or twice a week forever. His sore neck doesn’t seem as sore, so he’s coming off of the pain meds. If he’s tender in the neck again, he’ll go back on, and pain management might be his new reality. His followup is in a month. The goal here is to get his ears clear so he can get his teeth cleaned/extracted because they are causing pain as well. Once all that is finished, he’ll be quite the refurbished pooch.

And we’ll probably have to sell the backyard to carnies in order to make the mortgage. Good thing we don’t have a HOA.

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Currently: crazy-ass western robot edition

Watching: Westworld. I didn’t see season 1 but read the recaps. As a long-time player of MMORPGs, I appreciate the game references and the min/maxxing effort of the Man in Black.

Did you know the taproot of the dandelion can grow down to 10 inches deep and if you don’t get the whole thing it regenerates???

Digging: through dirt, still pulling dandelions. Next year I will have a KILLER front lawn instead of a KILLED front lawn. I now have a plan including what to do this fall. I also planted some herbs after WM built legs for my planters. We might triumph over the rabbits!

Researching: what to plant in this birdbath we found underneath the ivy. It’s now standing up and it’s all cracked, so … garden! It’s a shallow birdbath so it’ll probably be succulents.

Doting: on Ollie, who’s feeling better thanks to a couple days of medications. Look, I’m a realist and I can look up the average lifespan of a cocker spaniel (who is not fat) and Ollie is turning 11 in June. I think once we get his ears clear and his teeth cleaned (and probably all pulled out) he’s going to be a lot more spry. Murphy continues to be a dingleberry.

Working: from home tomorrow. Three cheers for flexible scheduling!

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