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Doggo update

I’m calling them doggos today to sound more Internet-hip. Is it working?

Ollie is doing great, and completely embracing his mellow years. Having a younger brother has brought the happiness back to him, and even though I know he’s annoyed by Murphy chomping on his tail, he looks out for the kids..

He’s happy. Trust me.

Murphy had his neuter last Tuesday and went from sad:

Cone of shame

To a little bit stoned:

A little bit of pain meds goes a long way.

Since he was beginning to look like a Muppet, I gave him a haircut.

And then had to vacuum the entire house. He also ate some of his own hair during the process. Typical Murphy.


And Ollie is VERY much into my popcorn.

‘popcorn plz?’

It’s certainly been a wild ride these past few months, but it’s awfully nice having two dog noses around the house again.

Brothers and almost best friends.

Currently, mid-week edition

A rare mid-week day off, to take care of THINGS. “After THINGS, I’m going to lie out in the yard and get some sun,” I said. “For it has been EVER so long since I’ve had a chance to soak up some mid-day sun…”

Current photo:

Yeah. Rain. Effing Rain.

Bah! Instead, I’m blogging, which is also isn’t a bad thing.

Currently, I’m …

READING: Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation. This has been on my TBR list for years, and it’s interesting reading through events that I was alive for. For example, I don’t ever remember a time that video games and consoles weren’t omnipresent, despite the video game crash of 1983. I’m 8 books behind my Goodreads goal of 50 books read in 2017. Mainly because I’ve been …

PLAYING: Lumines! I played in back in 2005 and long after my own PSP fell out of functionality, Lumines has stayed on my mind. I tried to stream it on the PS4, but there was too much latency. Now it’s an iPhone app and instead of reading on the train like a good member of the East Coast Elite I’m sucking at Lumines. Playing it on a touchscreen isn’t great, but it works in a pinch. Oh, Lumines…I missed you so.

WATCHING: We are working through Archer little by little. It’s hysterical and I become a worse human being with every episode.

GROUSING: Because I bought a dress that, while the size I wear, is a little snug. Time for part 2 of the diet that was abandoned last year. I’ve luckily only put on 5-7 pounds (depending on the day) from where I stopped last year. My biggest stumbling block is that I naturally have the dietary preferences of a raccoon.

SNUGGLING: My dogs. We weighed Murphy this morning and he’s slightly over 30 lbs now. Where did my puppy go? Now I have over 70 lbs of Spaniel on the sofa with me at night and … I’m completely okay with that.

AWAITING: The Yoga with Adriene Find What Feels Good Roadshow in Philadelphia on September 11! I have my ticket and am excited and simultaneously worried about a 90-minute yoga class because sometimes a 30-minute video leaves me wiped. I hope she talks for the first 45 minutes. Do I wear my Yoga Camp shirt? Is that like wearing a band’s shirt to the concert?

Welp, it’s STILL pouring so maybe I’ll kick out some reading.

(Fires up Lumines)

Friday 5: Off balance

Happy Friday!

This is my Bitmoji, cheering us all on.

Resolved: To start treating my body better, even when — no, ESPECIALLY WHEN — I’m under stress. I eat like crap and then I fall asleep early and wake up feeling like I never slept. I need better food and some movement. And I can’t be of help to people if I’m treating myself like dirt. Resolved. (eats soup, declines to go outside for a walk)

NONBLOGGABLE THINGS (I’m not pregnant) are the same, but slowly improving. Work is better. WM is amazing, as always. Murphy and Ollie love each other. My weekend plans are to spend some time with my Favorite Kid tomorrow, and then work my ass off on Sunday setting things up for a successful week next week. Food plan, precooking, etc. And I’m going to attempt to change Molly the Jeep’s burned-out taillight, too.

Time for the Friday 5 — this week’s theme is Off Balance. Let’s get to it!

1. What most recently made you giddy?
We bought an Amazon Echo on Prime Day and I have been having a blast interacting with Alexa. Asking for news, jokes, weather, time, etc just delights me in the way you can only be delighted if you grew up in or before the 80s. We play Jeopardy every night. Eventually I’ll buy some smart light bulbs.

2. What most recently left you agog?

I found out that Adriene of Yoga with Adriene is going to do a live event in Philadelphia in September. This is super exciting to me. I wonder how much it will cost and how long it will be. I also am wondering if I’m in good enough shape to do yoga in public, given I haven’t done it since before Murphy arrived. (Answer: no, but I’ve made bad decisions before.)

3. What most recently left you aghast?

How the Republican Party (which I used to be a part of so I’m not your garden-variety lifelong-[D] screamer) continues to kowtow to this wackadoodle President! Have some backbone, fellas. I know you love this country and I know this inexperienced and bumbling Presidential staff plus the constant Tweeting has to be completely mortifying. Toss this turnip, let Pence serve and while I don’t agree with Pence’s views at LEAST I’m certain he’d know how to act like a President.

In other words, nut up, Ryan and McConnell. Nut up.

4. What in your life is the most higgledy-piggledy?

Phase 2 of NONBLOGGABLE THINGS (nobody has cancer) is ending one day next week, but I don’t know which day. This may require me to take a day off of work, but I don’t know what day so I can’t request it. I gave my manager a heads-up and he’s totally okay with it (I am thankful every day for TNP’s flexibility), but still. This stresses me to no end. I need to plan, people!

5. What was your week a mish-mash of?

White-knuckle stress and sleep.

Happy birthday, BvP, wherever you are.

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