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Today we unpacked the last of the boxes. There are a few more things to hang but the place finally looks and feels like home. And that feels really good.

I’ll share some more pics eventually, but I wanted to share one of the things I’m thrilled about: my new spot dedicated solely to jewelry making.


That was my original small computer desk from my 2006 move, and the tulip print was purchased back then as well to add some warmth to a cold and lonely white wall. The daisy photo is from Inventing Liz. And the stuffed cactus is McPedro from Girls with Slingshots. Add in my old desk lamp I used at the C-P (plenty of light at TNP) and some Play-Doh for inspiration and I have a mini-studio!

I’m just thrilled that I have a separate place to play “jewelry artist” at now. No more seed beads in my keyboard!

Movin' on … over

So when you think about stressful life events, I offer you my 2012 for consideration.

  • New job? Started last month.
  • Getting Married? Julyish*
  • Turning 40? September.

Let’s add a move to the mix, shall we?

The people in the apartment next door moved out in November. We were sad to see them go because not only were they very nice, but they had the best screaming fights I’d ever heard. The drama! It was very entertaining.

When people move out, the management redoes the paint, redoes the carpet, etc. The contractors who do this work never lock the door of the apartment they’re working on.

One day we peeked into the apartment next door and WOW!

Two bedrooms!
Laminate floors (no more cream carpet to fail at keeping cream!)
Dining area!
And for only $200 more per month than we’re paying.

We’ve severely outgrown this little one bedroom bento box that I rented years ago when it was me and two lazy cats. Now it’s me, WM, two dogs and an even older lazy cat. We have no room to spread out. No room to have people over.

After some thought and asking for advice (does posting a question on Facebook ask for advice?) we applied for the new place and got it. We even have the keys in possession.

So during this three day weekend**, we’ll be moving over the bookcases, closets, puzzle table (with the one chair) and kitchen. Next Friday the cable will be switched over, and next weekend we’ll move the computers, TV, and bedroom set. We’ll have a luxurious amount of time to get the old place looking decent again.

And we’ll have an even roomier dee-luxe apartment in the sky!

* Don’t even ask me how this is going.

** TNP gives us off for Presidents Day. This is the first P-Day I’ve had off since Clinton was P.

Moving day

Off to the new place, which actually has a view of the Philadelphia skyline. Comca$$$$t is coming between 12 and 2, so I SHOULD be connected (tv/internet/telephone combo) tonight. Which, to me, is a priority over … say … television. 😉

I think I’m going to IKEA tomorrow to pick up some stuff. I want one of these chairs in red.

We’ve had a lot of changes here, papers there…but this is what’s going to make it real. Tonight, I’ll be sleeping in a familiar bed, but gazing out the window at Philly. Weird.

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