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Packing and Punching

April 19, 2004

Yesterday was the “packing” part of “Packing and Punching Weekend.” Thor and I picked up some moving supplies at Lowes and yesterday we got busy in the middle room – which is our dining/storage/crap room. China and dishes were gently wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic. The games and videos were packed away with care. I’m pretty proud of us, since we always find a way to wiggle out of distasteful chores. Next weekend, we pack the kitchen! The downside to this is that my apartment is slopped up worse than usual. Disgusting, actually. And each weekend, it gets worse.

In other news, it’s going up to 85 degrees today! Naturally, my springy clothes are packed away in storage and a bit tight on me to boot…grumble so I’m going to have to improvise with what I have. It’s just nice to see my WeatherPixie dressed in something other than a leather jacket and jeans.

I’m suffering from my usual Monday-Morning jitters. Happily, they’re not as strong as they were the first 2 months of my job, when I felt positively suicidal on Sunday nights. I mean, whatever happens, we’ll take care of. Damon (the one I work with, not to be confused with the MILLIONS of other Damons out there) is back from vacation today. He visited Walt Disney World while he was in Florida. Jealous, I am. My time comes in October…

Wt: Still 150ish. I tell ya, this is my yo-yoing back up from the svelteness I was last summer, when I was ballsy enough to do a whole webpage on how proud I was of me. Note…I quit linking to that page months ago. Since then, my willpower moved to Mexico and left no forwarding address. Every Monday I start to diet. By Wednesday I’m done. The cycle has got to end. By summer, preferably. My plan is that by the time we move into the new place, we’ll be so damn broke that we’ll only be able to afford lettuce.
House status: Homeowners insurance policy is being set up. Title insurance is in. We’re packing, and settlement is only 24 days away. Today we call movers. It’s the calm before the storm, to be cliched. Papers are signed and the sale is for all intents and purposes, done. But it’s too soon to start calling utilities and filling out change of address forms.
Mood: Damn. I was in a good mood until I chatted about the whole diet thing. 🙂
Work docket: Work on retooling our right navigation to better showcase the CP’s bevy of wonderful job-and-car searching functions. Meeting at 10am re: some upcoming project. (love those ‘friendly’ suggestions of what I can/can’t blog about, hm?) I’ll also be taking crap from the fake Flyers fans at work about the Devils’ loss. The real fans will say, “good game….Devils were really off, though.” The fake ones will be burning Devils jerseys outside of my office.
Lunch: Frozen
Evening: Meeting Mom at the gym at 7pm. If anyone can drag my lazy ass into gear, it has to be Mom.

Alrighty, kiddies. Off to the showers. Enjoy your day! 🙂

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