Are you ready for some hockey?

April 17, 2004

Well, Thor and I went to the Devils/Flyers game at the Wachovia Center in Philly. The Devils lost the game, and therefore the series. We were two of about 10 Devils fans there. I’m just happy we didn’t get beaten up or doused with beer. Typical Philadelpha fans: When the game was tied 1-1, they were dead quiet. When the Flyers scored and pulled ahead, they screamed like there was no tomorrow.

Thor was on my left side, and I really lucked out, because on my right was a guy who had no problems with the fact that I was rooting for the Devils. In fact, he took a cell phone call during the game (roll eyes) and said, “Hey. I’m sitting next to a Devil’s fan. Wanna talk to her?” Then he handed me the phone. The guy on the other end was dumbfounded. “Hello? Who’s this?” I tried to talk, but it was so loud he couldn’t hear me. 🙂

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