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Beastly-long day

March 30, 2004

Today’s going to be another beastly-long day a la last Tuesday. We’re having a call-in night, where our readers and subscribers can call/email between 5pm and 8pm and speak with the upper management. Which…includes…me, believe it or not. Yes, it is weird. I’m debating heading back to bed and not rolling in until 10am. Nah, I’ll tough it out and go in on time.

I worked a bit more on the FreezerBurn php last night. MOST notably – and something you’ll not see – I created a web form that will let me add to the FBurn Database on the fly. Currently, I’m just adding more and more info to the static HTML file, which makes for a BIG file and a bit of tedium. It’s why additions happen a bunch at one time, a week or two apart. The new Freezer Burn script will automatically display the most recent recipe added to the database and the search stuff. See that here! And not having every recipe on one page will allow me to have larger photos!

I’ve done some coding before for work, naturally, but it’s not my strong suit. However, this PHP/MySQL thing seems a lot more intutive. Or maybe, baby, after all these years of trying and failing to learn OTHER languages, I’ve finally begun to understand the thinking behind it.

Lest you think I’m doing this all myself, I’m constantly checking PHP dev sites and user forms and Google Groups for help. I don’t even have a PHP book! Which is good, since my shelf is full of “Learn JavaScript, you idiot!” and “PERL for the Hopeless” books.

On the house tip, our mission is now to find homeowners insurance. For…a…house…we…don’t…own…yet. Yesterday, Thor called our auto insurance company (trolling for discounts), and they need to know now many square feet of living space is in the house (not how large the lot is). Um, I don’t even remember the colors of the bathrooms. Called Buyer’s Agent who has to call Seller’s Agent to find out. We’ll get that info today. There’s also some nonsense about having to pay the first year upfront. I think we’ll be eating bread and rice all summer. :/

Mood: Perky, but hungry. I was ravenous all day yesterday. Stuck to the ‘good eating plan’ though. Well, I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich for dinner, but I think that was a better choice than the Chinese food dinner that I wanted. I just have to keep drinking my water.
Work docket: More numbers and reports. I’m trying to come up with cool, easy things to add to our site. That’s harder than it sounds. After 4.5 years of staring at the Courier-Post website, it gets hard to envision changes to it. And if you’re a C-P reader and have a question about the paper, give us a call between tonight! (if you have a copy of yesterday’s paper nearby, turn to page 2D for contact info, and my corporate-grrl headshot.)
Lunch: I think because of my long day, I’ll head out for lunch. Maybe to Subway.
Evening: I probably won’t get home until 8:30. So I’ll take Max out (ugh…he’s been so rammy lately…I can’t wait until we have a yard for him), do more laundry, and probably head to bed. 🙂

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