Happy Monday!

March 29, 2004

*yawn, stretch* Happy Monday! (I say that at work — I’m that chirpy coworker you hate)

Because Thor sleeps during the day, we usually have a heavy comforter draped over the curtain rod atop the bedroom window. It does a great job of keeping the light out. Saturday was a gorgeous spring day, so before we went to sleep Sat night, we took off the comforter and opened the window. I didn’t put it back last night, so this morning was the first morning ages that I have daylight streaming in my window. It makes it easier to open your eyes!

I was up way too late last night, but I did something constructive for my site! For months now, I’ve wanted to take my Freezer Burn meal ‘reviews’ and put them into a database. I have 32 of them now, and that means the page is taking longer and longer to load. Well, this weekend, thanks to a half-dozen web sites, Google Groups, and Damon (the one I work with, not to be confused with the MILLIONS of Damons in the world), I have a baby database and some MySQL/PHP that works!

Give it a try! It’s ugly, but it works. I’m…a….CODER! (sniff)

And in a ground-breaking trade of responsibilities, I’m now taking Max out in the mornings, and Thor will take him out at night before he goes to work. Good for us both — Thor doesn’t have to deal with Max when he first comes home from work, and I can go to bed early if I want, knowing Max will be taken care of. Win-win situation.

Mood: Happy, confident, hungry. The hungry part is bad.
Work Docket: Fiscal period 3 is over, which means that fiscal Quarter 1 is over. Which means I start doing numbers. I also have to do some work within our Ad Serving software.
Lunch: I bought a few frozen meals last night. I think today I’ll try the Oriental Beef. I may also swing by either the Target or the Home Depot where I work and get some packing supplies.
Evening: I want to go through the bathroom and throw out the stuff we don’t use, in prep for moving. After that, I’ll sack out on the nap chair with some magazines and probably doze off.

I listed s’more items on eBay yesterday. Take a gander on the right side of the home page to see what I’m selling.

Edited on 5/19/08 to add: Freezerburned is now found at

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