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Been a while, eh? I was reminded I had a blog by Google Webmaster tools. I don’t check my pageviews anymore, but it helpfully let me know my database was inaccessible a few days ago. I tweaked a few settings and now we are back and error free. I hope.

One of my birthday presents from WM - a Mickey throw!

One of my birthday presents from WM – a Mickey throw!

So here’s the rundown since August:

  • Mom and I went back to Virginia Beach.
  • WM and I attended Philly Diner en Blanc.
  • I turned the big 43.
  • WM went back to school.
  • Doctor appointments. Hooray.
  • More setting up the house.
  • I replaced my dead laptop with a Microsoft Surface. It’s niiiiiiiiice.
  • Ollie is doing well. Max has good days and bad days.
  • And my tooth (yes, that tooth) cracked out of my mouth and I’m wearing a dental flipper and facing a 7-9 month dental implant process. Double Hooray.

Not only did my tooth fall out, but it fell out while I was at lunch with my manager. I’ve always had nightmares of my teeth falling out. I’m living the nightmare, people.

The tooth is right next to my front teeth (tooth #7) and since I can’t hide the gap like I could if it was a molar, I wear the flipper when I go out in public. And now when I come home from work, the bra comes off AND the fake tooth comes out. I might not be updating as much, but be assured that I am STILL hella classy.

We bought a house!

Reason # 1298437 why my blog will never make money — when Big Life Events happen, I stop writing. I can’t help it. I’m always afraid I’m going to jinx things.

Short story: We finally found a house, bought it, and moved in last Saturday!

Longer story: I never thought we’d find a house we’d both agree on. Seriously. We put in an offer on a house that we knew we’d lose just so we could put out into the Universe that we were ready to buy. That we came to play. (warning: Youtube video)

But back in April, WM sent me a link to a house and we were off and running. The entire process was just as shit-tastic and stressful as I remembered it from before. Luckily we had a great team of people in place to help out. My mom was our buyer’s agent, and the team at Century 21 Mortgage was super-helpful and kept us on task with the dozens of pages of documents we had to scan and send in.

Snoozing dogs.

Snoozing dogs.

Last Saturday, we moved out of the Dee-luxe Apartment in the sky with the help of Aron Movers, who were speedy and amazing. Seriously, hire movers. They get dissed forever, but Comcast didn’t let us down, sending a tech on a Saturday to run wires and get us set up. The customer service rep also coded us as new customers, which knocked our monthly price down. Much appreciated. We bought a new mattress from Macy’s Furniture store in Cherry Hill (ask for John) that was delivered on time.

And a week later, here we are. It’s a lovely bi-level home with a yard for the dogs, multiple toilets, a washer and dryer for our own personal use, and some spare rooms in case we grow. And if we don’t grow, spare rooms for more stuff. 😉 There are still plenty of boxes to unpack, and my clothing is still mostly in spacesaving bags, and our refrigerator is just about empty but we are here! The living room is set up, the dogs are dozing on the carpet and the WWE Network is on TV.

Print by Mary Blair for Disney, postcards from Birchbox!

Print by Mary Blair for Disney, postcards from Birchbox!

I choked up when we turned in our apartment keys. The Dee-luxe Apartment in the Sky (Real name: Heights of Collingswood) was exactly what I needed when I needed it. I showed up a broken down person with 2 cats, and left a happily married lady with a husband, 2 dogs, and a job I love.

Sure, I won’t miss having neighbors who leave their stoves on and flood the hallway with gas. Or the power outages or the tepid “hot” water in the mornings. But the HoC gave us the ability to pull ourselves together, save the money we needed to and get back in the game.

Tomorrow is our third anniversary. The traditional gift for that is leather, but in this case we think the “House on Literary Lane” will do just fine.

The cat days of summer

misty in the sun

Congrats Joe from Stratford! I was at Home Depot!

The store’s playlist really boggled my mind. I thought that a home improvement store would have more…manly…music. (No offense to the Wandering Minstrel or any other guy who digs girly power ballads.) I was expecting George Thorogood, Bruce Springsteen or the Rolling Stones. Music that would inspire someone to take up his power tools and “git-r-done!”

Instead, I get easy listening. Oh well.

Had to take the picture down because of some rule against advertising an agent outside the permissible arena of real estate advertising or something like that. No biggie. It still lives on Flickr anyway. Hm…does white type show up in newsreaders?

WM and I have spent the last 2 Saturdays and last Monday night trying desperately to get the house ready to show. BvP is off in Greece for the month with his new lady, so we’re handling getting it staged and ready to show. I did get to use a Dyson vacuum (apparently, I can be replaced with an archaeologist and a $500 household appliance – I keed! I keed!) and it was…just okay. Sucks as much as my cheapy $85 vacuum. Sucks! Ha! The second house showing was tonight. (crickets chirping)

The days are flying as the 35th birthday looms ahead in September. But I do have 2 WDW trips on the horizon (Inner voice: Shouldn’t you be…um…saving for a new house?) And I’m happy. Amazing the surprises 12 months can bring to a girl.

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