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The Day After

November 27, 2004

Today Thor and I put up most of our outdoor Christmas lights. All we need now is to borrow a ladder tomorrow to finish them. They look beautiful and magical. What’s even better is that this year we OWN the property that we’re festooning. Only twenty-nine years and six months to go!

I just hit the 40,000 word mark on my crappy novel, Tumble Dry. For padding’s sake, I just had the main character (whose name I changed from Anne to Meg) find out that her newly outed lesbian sister and her boss (Anya, which was too similar to ‘Anne’ for both names to stay) are girlfriend and girlfriend. I have to write 10,000 words in 4 nights. That boils down to 3,333 a day if I don’t write any more tonight. Once I finish, I’m going to put it away until January. Then I’ll edit it and put some of the better scenes up here for you to peruse.

I went to the gym today for the first time in months. I did a difficult 23 minutes on the treadmill, a difficult 5 assisted chinups, and a difficult 48 stomach crunches. It was the first time I had brought my iPod, SirenSong, along for the journey. It was a lot nicer than wearing the Sony DiscMan in a bulky pouch around my waist. And my exercise playlist was fun!

As I excited the Y, “Naughty Girl” from Beyonce came on. Which, of course, was the impetus for a slinky dance down the walk in front of the building. Nobody was around, anyway. I hope.

The Black Friday Photo gallery is up at Ofoto now. You won’t need to sign in. And below, I leave you with a shot of Mom and I on Thanksgiving night, planning out our Black Friday strategy.


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