November 29, 2004

November 29, 2004

Wt: 161.2 (1.8); pretty good for Thanksgiving weekend, hm?
Exercise: 23 difficult minutes on the treadmill; 5 difficult assisted chinups; 48 difficult stomach crunches; one big smile of accomplishment
Breakfast:Currently eating 1 cup Berry Burst Cheerios + 1/2 cup milk + 1 clementine= 244 calories
Lunch: Will have a salad or a Subway Sandwich at Cherry Hill Mall; must shop for John’s birthday gift
Dinner: Perhaps a frozen meal
NaNo goal for tonight: 48,000

It was an unbelievably cold on the drive to the YMCA this morning. Clearly, this is when the serious people exercise, since they were in much better shape than the evening crew. I filled up my bottle of water and slipped Sirensong, my iPod, into my jacket pocket.

When I got to the Y, I realized that I had left both my water and my headphones behind. iPods don’t work unless you have headphones.


While I was upon the treadmill (at my optimal Fat Burning target heart weight) I wondered what to do with all the spare time I’ll have once NaNo is over and done with. I guess CookieCam will have to take up the slack. That’ll probably start up on Thursday, December 2nd, at 7pm EST.

Hey, did you ever wonder why orange juice tastes bad after you brush your teeth?

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