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NaNoWriMo winner!

Ignore the fact that Leonidas dies right after this.

I have now won three times in my six attempts. I am tired of writing. Words hurt.

What’s next? Permanently Shelved goes away for a month so that I can rehabilitate my right brain and enjoy the holidays. Then, since this is probably the best of my 3 attempts, I’ll start editing it in January and put it out there to be read.

me rest head now on soft thing…zzzzzzz

Thanksgiving and NaNoWriMo

Happy Post-Thanksgiving! We drove to Michigan to spend the holiday with WM’s clan. Twelve and a half hours there and thirteen and a half hours back.

I like to think I handled it pretty well.

Deep fried turkey was eaten, and Max and Ollie got to play with their two gigantic German Shepherd cousins. Incidentally, have you ever seen two German Shepherds be scared away by a snarly terrier the size of their tails? It’s a funny sight. Plus I tried my first Tim Horton’s coffee. So good. So darn good. Better than Starbucks.

Of course I never blog about this beforehand, because isn’t that saying “Hey Internet, kick down my door on Thanksgiving day and steal my cat!?” I think it is.

We both took today off because after all that time in the car yesterday, our limbs were working much like that QWOP game.

Besides doing the laundry, today gave me the opportunity to catch up on my NaNoWriMo. Check this out!

Permanently Shelved is starting to wind down. I could write for another hour or so, but it’s supposed to snow tomorrow and I have a 9am meeting with the CEO and a VP where I’ll most likely be fired to talk about our data plan. So I should try to look perky and intelligent.

This is how I’ve managed to write almost 4,000 words so far today:

Admit it, I’m the most high-tech person you know.

I kept getting hung up on the word count so I just hid it. And I know that I can do that within Word, but this way just seemed quicker. When you have to write 50,000 words in 30 days, you do what you have to do to survive. I can’t wait for this to be done. I miss making jewelry. I miss having lunch with my fellow humans instead of hiding in conference rooms.

NaNoWriMo update!

Permanently Shelved, the newest 62%-finished novel from the author of “Tumble Dry” and “Loss Prevention.”

We’re slightly over the half-way mark, cookie crumbs, and it looks like I’m still ahead of the game by barely a day’s worth of writing. I’ve yet to fall behind on my word count – a first for the six (!!) years I’ve done this. My success so far is due to hiding in a conference room every day at lunch and writing. I’m also writing on the train on the way to work. On the way home, I go through my crappy notes and see what scenes need to be written. I write a lot to get ahead during the week so that I can slack on the weekends.

So far I have…

  • 3 dead subjects of biographies
  • One angry ghost
  • A former first lady, her longtime secret service agent, and her best friend, a part-time psychic medium.
  • Four cats, only one of which has a two-word name (so far)
  • Two bleary bleary eyes

Maybe I can become the Debbie Macomber of crappy paranormal mysteries!

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