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Letter to a brown canine

November 10, 2005

Dear Max:

maxWhen I come home from work and I’m already wearing my sneakers, this means that I have been to Curves already. And I’ve exercised already. And I most likely am tired and sweaty and do NOT want to take you for a walk.

We have a yard big enough for you to wear yourself out while running around it. It is full of trees and shrubs for you to pee against, and gardens for you to poop in.

You and I have taken over 1100 strolls together since we brought you home. A break once in a while would be nice.

And since you’re smart enough to surf to, read, and understand this blog entry, it would really knock my socks off if you could have dinner waiting for me once in a while.

Mama ( yes, I consider myself his mom, and until I get a Homo Sapiens child, Max, Misty, and Charlie are all I gots)

I’m going to stick with NaNo, even though I think I am totally hopelessly behind. At worst, I have some vacation time left. Thankee for the encouragement! 😉

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