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It’s raining cats and dogs in here.

Ollie + Murphy + Chewy = LOVE
Friday (Sunday?) 5: Korea Guidance
The Year of the Dog so far

Ollie + Murphy + Chewy = LOVE

(I initially typed “Max” up there. Sniff.)

This isn’t a sponsored post* at all. I just wanted to put out there how happy I have been with Chewy and the amazing customer service they provide.

They love sniffing the Chewy boxes.

Ollie eats special food because as he aged, he became a hotbed of little annoying food allergies. I used to think that special dog food was the stuff of hippie woo but once we got Ollie onto this food (Blue Basics Turkey and Potato), he stopped throwing up once a week AND his hot spots went away. Consider me a hippie woo convert. Murphy also eats the solid-gold dog food because one day he decided he no longer wanted puppy chow OR dog chow, and he wanted nothing other than Ollie’s food. We call it Thanksgiving Day, twice a day.

Chewy’s prices are competitive, and their shipping is second-to-none. One time I ordered a glucosamine supplement for Ollie and even though I paid for regular shipping, it arrived the next day. To me that meant someone at Chewy knew an achy dog needed relief and expedited the order. That’s good stuff.

Murphy will also testify that their boxes are very shreddable.

*However, Chewy, I will take your money and free dog food to shill for you. Call me! 😉

Friday (Sunday?) 5: Korea Guidance

Firstly, check out this gloriousness:

Embed from Getty Images

Look at this! Getty Images lets you embed their work on your unprofitable blog now! Actually they started it in 2014 but it’s news to me!

Our US Curling boys brought home the gold. WM woke up in the middle of the night to watch.

WM: Hey. I’m awake so I’m going down to watch curling.
Me: mmffsnortdrool-YouEssAyy-slobber

And then I watched the replay later. Curling is like bowling, billiards and skeeball … on ice. How can you not love it?

I really enjoyed this Olympics because the scrappy unknowns quite often stole the show. Now that they’re over, I’m looking forward to the return of The Good Place and catching up on my HGTV shows.


The face bite is healing very well. Murphy was ‘sentenced’ to 10 days of home confinement/observation to make sure he isn’t rabid (spoiler: he’s not rabid) and then either I have to take him to the vet to get a paper signed that he’s alive and well, or Animal Control has to come to the house to verify he’s alive and well.

Listen, I don’t care overly much about what the neighbors think of us. I’m sure they all have a hearty laugh at our failure to grow grass and how the local bunny militia eats any decorative plant we put into the garden. I know they probably roll their eyes at our barky dog. But I draw the line at having an animal control van in front of my house. I still have a standard or two.

It’s time for the Friday 5 on Sunday because I spent most of this rainy weekend reading books instead of doing actual chores. This week’s theme is Korea Guidance. Let’s get to it!

1. What would be a better name for the color of goldenrod-colored paper?
Margarine. It’s better as a color name than as a spread.

2. Where did you get your silverware?
The Disney store and Target. Don’t hate.

3. It is a weird tradition in America (and possibly elsewhere) for parents to have their children’s baby shoes bronzed. What artifact from this past week would you have bronzed as a keepsake and heirloom?
If you click the bronzing link, you’ll see that the company is out of business after bronzing 14 million shoes since 1934. It was a different world then, because babies had only one pair of utilitarian white shoes at a time that they wore until they grew out of them. Now there are Uggs for newborns, so the novelty of having a well-worn first pair of shoes doesn’t exist anymore.

We bought a spiffy sliding miter saw from Home Depot yesterday, but I wouldn’t bronze it because that baby is going to deliver us a few nice sets of built-in bookshelves! I bought a pair of goggles for myself and I’m looking at this:

Because apparently I think I can skip right by beginner-level projects. I’m not even into “farmhouse” style but that desk is gorgeous. Have mercy.

4. What was the most recent ceremony you attended?

Do funerals count? No? Then I had a wedding in September.

5. What east Asian cuisine is good for your Seoul?

I am a basic white lady who has probably never had genuine Asian cuisine. When presented with a Chinese menu, I’ll order chicken in garlic sauce, with brown rice and wonton soup.

Time to make the weekly lunches and then I think I’m headed back to the sofa to finish Song of Solomon because it is still rainy out.

The Year of the Dog so far

(alternate post title 1: Sunday Bloody Sunday)
(alternate post title 2: Say hello to my little friend!

Sunday morning after breakfast I was on the floor with the dogs, playing. I had a ball in my hand and was waving it back and forth it in a teasey “who wants the ball?” way. Murphy was very wound-up, decided he wanted the ball, and went for it. Except he missed and got my lip instead. He immediately let go. We paused for a half-second, shocked.

The perpetrator, with sock.

I saw the blood drip into my hand and thought, “if you little jerk broke one of my teeth I am going to lose it. Teeth are expensive.”

And then I touched my lip and … more blood. I yelped (and then Ollie yelped because he’s trying to be an emotional support dog), ran upstairs, looked into the mirror and saw that Murphy got me really good. Being a calm human, I called WM (in Michigan, where he’s been visiting his family) and hollered “HE BIT ME!”

No matter how many years you’ve been married (or how many times) you can still say the wrong thing at the wrong time. WM also wants you to know that he was actually in Michigan, can prove it, and didn’t punch me in the mouth. I guess being bit by your own dog sounds like a farfetched story. But I can’t be the only person this has happened to.

After he calmed me down from 700 miles away, I got an ice pack out of the freezer, stopping at another mirror along the way to double-check that I was seeing what I was seeing and called Mom to drive me to Urgent Care so I could keep pressure on my mouth.

There is a thin cut from the bottom of my nose to the top of my lip. I have an “H” shaped injury on the left side of my upper lip, and a laceration on the inside of that lip. Thankfully*, I didn’t need stitches. Instead, I have sexy steri-strips from the bottom of my nose to the top of my lip and nothing on the lip itself. The lip is very swollen in a way reminiscent of a Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge Fail. There is NO WAY to conceal it, so I’ll be answering dozens of questions all week at work. The inside laceration is already closed. The doctor says that lips heal quickly, and I choose to believe him. I got a tetanus booster (tdap) which probably hurt worse than the lip injuries, and a prescription for the largest antibiotic pills I’ve ever seen. I’ll put my face pic at the very bottom of this post, for the lip-injury-fetish crowd. What can I say? I’m a giver.

I did stay home today because I want to be 100% sure that the uncovered part is completely closed.

By the way, my local urgent care is Patient First and I love them.

I had to fill out a bite report on Murphy, ratting him out for what he did. It was a dumb accident and I hope nothing comes of it. I was dumb and had my face where it shouldn’t have been. Murphy is the largest dog I’ve had in years, and my reflexes aren’t what they used to be. I need to adjust my playstyle a bit.

We came home and cleaned up all of the blood I dripped all over the floors while running between rooms. There was much blood. I would never be able to get away with body disposal. I’m a panicky slob.

LATER THAT SAME DAY Murphy rolled/fell off of the sofa and bumped his leg. He was limping off and on (forgetting to limp if someone knocked at the door or if he went outside). Yesterday, Scarface and Her Dog went to the vet to get that looked at. $76 later we came home with a prescription and a suggestion to keep him calm which — hahahahhahahhaa. Yeah okay.

Pity WM, who returned from his trip today to a busted wife, a limping dog, and a house that probably looks terrifying under blacklight. Ollie’s fine. For now.

Happy Year of the Dog!

*I’ll probably regret this down the road because of scarring. Sorry, Future Kim. Past Kim didn’t want a sewn up lip.

Gross picture below:









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