NaNoWriMo update!

November 18, 2012

Permanently Shelved, the newest 62%-finished novel from the author of “Tumble Dry” and “Loss Prevention.”

We’re slightly over the half-way mark, cookie crumbs, and it looks like I’m still ahead of the game by barely a day’s worth of writing. I’ve yet to fall behind on my word count – a first for the six (!!) years I’ve done this. My success so far is due to hiding in a conference room every day at lunch and writing. I’m also writing on the train on the way to work. On the way home, I go through my crappy notes and see what scenes need to be written. I write a lot to get ahead during the week so that I can slack on the weekends.

So far I have…

  • 3 dead subjects of biographies
  • One angry ghost
  • A former first lady, her longtime secret service agent, and her best friend, a part-time psychic medium.
  • Four cats, only one of which has a two-word name (so far)
  • Two bleary bleary eyes

Maybe I can become the Debbie Macomber of crappy paranormal mysteries!

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