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July 24, 2004

Another week survived, and not much new to report on the homefront other than:

  1. I’m being 75% good with the healthy eating plan.
  2. Thor has torn down all of the first layer of wallpaper in the guest room, and a lot of the 2nd layer. The 2nd layer is actually paper based wallpaper (present day wallpaper is vinyl-based) and GLUED DIRECTLY TO THE WALL.
  3. We have a bunny nest in the backyard somewhere…I saw two baby bunnies (eyes closed, very little hair, teeny ears the size of my pinky tip) rolling around in the dirt next to our house last night. Mama Rabbit must have moved them somewhere else during the night.

I may as well call this mother nature’s house. Between the dog, two cats, baby bunnies, and the bird’s nest that was never removed from the attic even though the sellers said it was.

We were going to rectify the nest situation last week until I shined my flashlight toward the nest. Immediately, I saw the silhouette of baby bird necks stretching upward. Massive cheeping began. Crud. We’ll have to wait now until the babes have flown the nest, so to speak.

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