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July 21, 2004

< yum Last night, as you know, since I’ve been babbling about it for MONTHS, was my Dave Matthews Band concert. (Note to self: better writing, fewer commas) I swung past the house around 6 to grab John. It’s fitting that I take him this time around — after all, it was his Dave Matthews Band CDs that I stole in the early days of my addiction.

It didn’t take much time to get to Camden at all, and we got a parking space ($15!!) close to the Tweeter Center. Although I was (and still am, yay!) on my healthy eating program, I had a panzarotti, which is a deep fried pizza turnover thing. John had a (not-so) jumbo hot dog. Naturally, I had to buy a tee shirt.

Now, I had purchased actual seat seats, but John’s girlfriend (!!) K, and her friend C, (no need to drag the innocent into my blog by naming them) also had tickets. But they had lawn seats. So, we took a blanket with, and grabbed a spot on the lawn to wait for them. (Thor says, “So we PAID for seat seats, but you sat on the lawn instead?” Yes, Thor, we did. Sorry. It’s not like we had front row seats, though.)

Opening act was N-E-R-D, which features a dude from the Neptunes. They were pretty good. But I was waiting for the main act.

DMB hit the stage at 8:05ish and opened with Granny, one of my preferred DMB songs. (I have a lot of favorites!) the 26,000 people there sprang to their feet. The lawn turned into a sea of bobbing heads, and a mysterious cloud of smoke hovered overhead. 😉 I danced untnil my calves hollered in pain. Then I danced some more!

This time around, I knew all of the songs they played except for the new ones, which will be on an upcoming album. I wanted to hear 2 songs specifically, “Song that Jane Likes” (Dave’s sister is named Jane), and “Two Step.” STJL was the 6th song played, so I was thrilled. So thrilled that I audioblogged some of it! 🙂

I didn’t get my “Two Step” wish, but they did play “Crash” (another preferred song of mine) as the first song of the 2-song encore. That made me swoon. One moment, Dave’s voice soars, and the next it drops to a throaty growl that shakes me to my inner core.


Oh! Sorry! You’re still here! Where was I?

End of show. Gotcha. The show ended around 11 (last song was “Everyday”), and after an UBER-long wait in the parking lot, I got home a skosh after midnight. Happy, swoony, full of second hand smoke and thrilled that nobody peed nearby.

(Note for future Tweeter concerts…if we’re doing lawn seats, sit in the middle of the lawn, not against the wall. Wall attracts the urinators.)

A wonderful evening! And I liked John’s girlfriend, too.

Honey, honey, won’t you dance with me?

Wt: 151.2. Shit.
Work Docket: Today I had my big weekly meeting. Still working on Project A, which launches on Monday. Starting Project Fun, which will launch in period 8, which is corporate-girl speak for August.
Lunch Plans: I BROUGHT a frozen diet lunch, but ended up going for pizza. As a result, I’m having a VERY light dinner.
Evening: I caught up on the 2 shows I DVR’d…”Arrested Development” and “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” Now I’m dangerously close to buying another domain name. 😉

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