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Friday 5: Rockit
Friday 5: I Don’t Get It Either
Return of the Mac

Friday 5: Rockit

Happy Saturday! I was going to write this last night but we watched the Olympics Opening Ceremonies instead. It was amazing and the five little kids who carried the artistic storyline were adorable!

Everyone needs gym buddies.

This weekend I have nothing planned but a cheat day wings meal and finishing up the A pillow from HELL. I should have just bought him a Paw Patrol Valentine’s box.

Time for the Friday 5: the theme is Rockit. Let’s get to it!

1. What’s your favorite instrumental hit song?
Wipeout by the Surfaris, which is probably my mother’s doing. But it was also in Dirty Dancing.

2. What’s a good movie with rockets in in it?
On a more erudite day, I’d say Hidden Figures. If I’m feeling all “USA! USA!” (Which I still do, despite her issues at the moment. Right now she’s the girlfriend whom I’m telling to take more walks, quit drinking, and brush her teeth.) it’s Independence Day. There are spaceships, which in my world count as rockets. My blog, my rules.

3. In 1977, Voyager I took off on its very long journey, loaded with two golden records containing sounds meant “to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form, or for future humans, who may find them,” according to Wikipedia. The contents were chosen by a committee chaired by Carl Sagan, but if Dr. Sagan called you today (you know, from beyond) and said there was room for ten more minutes of music and he was letting you choose it, what would you fill the ten minutes with?
Ten minutes is a lot, so I’m bringing in WM, my classical music expert, to help.


  • Ode to Joy
  • Soundtrack to Looney Tunes
  • Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark

In his defense, we looked up the music on the records and most of his classical suggestions were covered.


4. What’s something you know about constellations?
Orion is almost always over my house. I can find the Big Dipper and Little Dipper easily, as well as Cassiopeia. Jack Johnson has a peaceful song about them. And it was the last warship with sails.

In my defense I was born in the early 70s.

5. When did you last spend time in a rocking chair?
WM’s chair is a rocking recliner, but the last time I spent time there was when I had that nasty bout of food poisoning in May.

And now that THAT’s out of the way … rat your hair, ladies and gents! It’s time for the 80s!


Friday 5: I Don’t Get It Either

It’s the first day of Fall. Blah boo hiss weep.

My typical first day of autumn outfit.

Not a lot to say today other than I worked from home for the first time in weeks and it was delightful. I usually work from home on Mondays but I had to be in the office this Monday. I actually donned pants (OKAY LEGGINGS) so there’s a win.

It’s time for the Friday 5 — this week’s theme is I Don’t Get It Either so let me get into my rocker with my lap quilt and let’s get to it.

1. Twitch is an enormously popular livestreaming platform mostly for watching people play video games. It has more than 1.5 million broadcasters and more than one million visitors per month, and Amazon acquired it for nearly a billion dollars in 2014. Which of your computer activities would you livestream if there were a way to make some money doing it?

My gaming anymore is far too boring to stream on twitch, although I confess to watching World of Warcraft PVP tournaments on it. My preferred gaming video channel is Up Up Down Down because it’s mostly WWE wrestlers playing games. Hey, maybe I can make money blogging? 😉

2. EDM (electronic dance music) is usually performed by DJs on stage in front of audiences, playing tracks they’ve mixed, right off their laptops. If you were a push-button DJ playing your tunes in a club, what would be your opening and closing songs, assuming everyone’s there because they’re into whatever sounds you’re into?

I’m laughing at the shade thrown at “push-button DJ!” I’m in a club so I’m not going to be playing my sweet Jack Johnson jams or Joni Mitchell or even my Pandora “Younger Guys with Guitars Who Sing About How Great I Am” station. I’m going to make these people dance. I’ll get the party started with Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” and end with House of Pain’s “Jump Around” because why not?

3. What’s a good Adele song, and why is Adele so popular?

Adele is popular because she has a different voice that doesn’t need autotune or lots of electronics to make an impact. She also has lyrics like this:

Let me photograph you in this light
In case it is the last time
That we might be exactly like we were
Before we realized
We were sad of getting old
It made us restless

which speak to young people who are afraid of getting old, and us older people who wished we could have photographed someone one last time before everything changed. That’s from “When We Were Young” and that’s the song that can send me into fits of tears if I linger too long on it.

See also “Our Last Summer” which is of course from ABBA but I’ll give you the sweet sweet Colin Firth version) Oh the feels…

4. The Walking Dead?

I will not watch movies or TV shows that regularly feature rape, murder, torture, and/or overwhelming sadness. I don’t like programming where you basically watch people get hunted/killed every week. This means I do not watch: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Outlander, Game of Thrones, Call the Midwife, Game of Thrones and even This is Us. And Game of Thrones.

5. Every generation seems to arrive at a “They don’t write ’em like that anymore” attitude. Why does it seem like most middle-aged people lose interest in new music?

I’ve thought about this a lot because I fought hard to try to stay into new music, and ultimately I failed. I think once you get removed from the language and culture of youth, you lose that hook into that music.

Twenty-One Pilots: All my friends are heathens, take it slow. Wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don’t make any sudden moves. You don’t know the half of the abuse.
Me: Yeah, it’s 9:00 so I’m going to bed. Have fun with your little heathen friends. And people have endured abuse since time immemorial. Get a job.

The most current “young” people I like are Ed Sheeran and Rachel Platten and I think they fall squarely into adult contemporary anyway.

I barely even buy music anymore, by the way. With Youtube, free Pandora, free Spotify, and my Amazon Music subscription, I can listen to almost any album I want anytime I want. I think the last album I bought was the Hamilton Cast Recording.

No plans this weekend – hooray for solitude!

Return of the Mac

Early last week, the lovely Kristen sent me a link to an event on Facebook – Return of the Mac. Joey McIntyre from NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK WAS COMING TO MY TOWN FOR A MEET AND GREET! He’s promoting his new comedy, “Return of the Mac,” debuting on April 12th on the Pop TV channel.

You guys know I was am still a very huge NKOTB fan, right? How could I resist? The RSVP list popped from 100 to 200 to 250 to 300 people in a flash. And I thought about it and I was GOING to not go … but …

From my Snapchat that morning.

Kristen works for a local newspaper and she was going to cover this event, which included a small pre-event where local bloggers could meet him and ask a question. And she could use an assistant to take the names of the people in the photos that she was taking to go along with her interviews.

I love that woman. Read More

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