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What I’m listening to: Kellie’s Song

July 12, 2021

Kellie’s Song by Cas Haley has been on regular rotation on Radio Margaritaville since it was released earlier this year and it just makes me feel good.

We aren’t sure how, but Murphy hurt his leg yesterday. He was hopping around on 3 legs for a bit, then started putting a little weight on it. He wasn’t crying or whimpering and he let us move his leg and foot, so we ruled out going to the animal hospital. Today he’s walking on it but you can tell it’s still tender. The first vet appointment available was Wednesday morning so we’ll see how it goes. Fingers crossed it rectifies itself in a few days and we won’t have to go.

Last night he was Sad because zooming around like an out of control RC car is his thing. I might have sang this to him…

you’re gonna be okay..

The actual video has a long non-musical intro, so this is just the song.

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