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What I’m Listening To: Unapologetic Fun

May 8, 2021

I rediscovered (aka reset) my Spotify password the other day and found this playlist which I loved so much that I forgot it existed. It’s nothing but boppy pop music. Shuffle for optimal fun.

While I am not a music snob, I find myself spending more money on access to music that I thought. We have a SiriusXM subscription for Molly the Jeep, and I pay a little extra so I can play the stations on my phone and Alexa devices. My favorite Sirius stations: 80s on 8, 70s on 7, Radio Margaritaville, and Dave Matthews Band Radio. I pay money each month for Amazon Music, because I like asking Alexa to play certain songs.

Which is why I’m still on the free version of Spotify, which I can also play on Alexa if I set up the skill.

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