Irrational desires

July 25, 2004

You were thinking about your front garden, the baby bunnies in the yard, your greenbar reports. All of a sudden, you catch your breath and your cheeks flush. But you smile. Maybe you chuckle guiltily as you cross and uncross your legs. Even the most pure of thoughts can’t help you now. You are in a moment of desire.

My friends, I’m sorry to report that I am having desirous thoughts.

I want an iPod. No, I WANT an iPod.

I want to hold it in my hand and lovingly caress the ClickWheel. I want to fall asleep next to it as it serenades me. I want to carry it to work with me. I want to dock it in my kitchen.

Moments like this…at 11:30 at night…with Thor at work and a credit card pulsing between my fingertips…I could buy an iPod and have it with me by the end of the week.

Yet I resist.

Some girls want diamonds. I want tech.

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