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September 19, 2015

Been a while, eh? I was reminded I had a blog by Google Webmaster tools. I don’t check my pageviews anymore, but it helpfully let me know my database was inaccessible a few days ago. I tweaked a few settings and now we are back and error free. I hope.

One of my birthday presents from WM - a Mickey throw!

One of my birthday presents from WM – a Mickey throw!

So here’s the rundown since August:

  • Mom and I went back to Virginia Beach.
  • WM and I attended Philly Diner en Blanc.
  • I turned the big 43.
  • WM went back to school.
  • Doctor appointments. Hooray.
  • More setting up the house.
  • I replaced my dead laptop with a Microsoft Surface. It’s niiiiiiiiice.
  • Ollie is doing well. Max has good days and bad days.
  • And my tooth (yes, that tooth) cracked out of my mouth and I’m wearing a dental flipper and facing a 7-9 month dental implant process. Double Hooray.

Not only did my tooth fall out, but it fell out while I was at lunch with my manager. I’ve always had nightmares of my teeth falling out. I’m living the nightmare, people.

The tooth is right next to my front teeth (tooth #7) and since I can’t hide the gap like I could if it was a molar, I wear the flipper when I go out in public. And now when I come home from work, the bra comes off AND the fake tooth comes out. I might not be updating as much, but be assured that I am STILL hella classy.

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