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The AARP strikes again.

Eleven years ago when I was still in my 30s, I received an AARP card in the mail . Thursday I received a “thank you for joining” email to the account I use for retail receipts. And then yesterday, this…

Trust me, I work for a membership organization. This is how you opt out.

I’m still not 50 yet, but it seems like they’re casting a wider net again.

At least they got the name right this time.

Fractured Fairy Tales


Finally the nonbloggable becomes bloggable – Mom (aka A-Woww) tripped and fell 2 weeks ago, fracturing her kneecap and shattering her elbow. The knee will heal on its own in an immobilizer which thankfully allows her to walk. The elbow required surgery. That happened on Wednesday and now the mending begins.
While she’s a bit more banged up than the ankle incident from 2011, it’s not as bad because she’s not bedbound. In fact, today we went to a bridal shower! And this time around she’s getting home visits from nurses, occupational therapists and physical therapists.

This was the arm that was operated on. I was sad when she washed the YES off. It was inspirational!

We’ve all been scrambling to make sure she has someone there throughout the day for meals and to let her dog out. I’m certainly thankful for TNP’s flexible schedule.

Tomorrow is the 2-year anniversary of buying the House on Literary Lane. We are still overrun with weeds and ivy, and can’t get the desired plants and grass to grow, PLUS the neighbors behind us are as noisy as every neighbor I had at the Heights of Collingswood COMBINED but I love my home and some days I never want to leave it.

(There is still an unpacked box in the coat closet.)

What's new?

Been a while, eh? I was reminded I had a blog by Google Webmaster tools. I don’t check my pageviews anymore, but it helpfully let me know my database was inaccessible a few days ago. I tweaked a few settings and now we are back and error free. I hope.

One of my birthday presents from WM - a Mickey throw!

One of my birthday presents from WM – a Mickey throw!

So here’s the rundown since August:

  • Mom and I went back to Virginia Beach.
  • WM and I attended Philly Diner en Blanc.
  • I turned the big 43.
  • WM went back to school.
  • Doctor appointments. Hooray.
  • More setting up the house.
  • I replaced my dead laptop with a Microsoft Surface. It’s niiiiiiiiice.
  • Ollie is doing well. Max has good days and bad days.
  • And my tooth (yes, that tooth) cracked out of my mouth and I’m wearing a dental flipper and facing a 7-9 month dental implant process. Double Hooray.

Not only did my tooth fall out, but it fell out while I was at lunch with my manager. I’ve always had nightmares of my teeth falling out. I’m living the nightmare, people.

The tooth is right next to my front teeth (tooth #7) and since I can’t hide the gap like I could if it was a molar, I wear the flipper when I go out in public. And now when I come home from work, the bra comes off AND the fake tooth comes out. I might not be updating as much, but be assured that I am STILL hella classy.

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