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Update in photos

April 22, 2006

Easter, sadly, doesn’t really mean much to me anymore. I’m still trying to find my way, religion-wise, so I didn’t observe Lent or go to Mass. I don’t go to church on a regular Sunday, so I’d feel hypocritical going on Easter.  In any case, it was a nice spring day, capped with dinner out and some time with Mom. And Chipper.

(you’ll notice that my nice brown haircolor is fading. I can’t win)

Chipper’s doing well. He’s a non-stop bundle of energy (read: he’s tearing Mom’s house to shreds), but when he slows down to below 30 mph, he’s very cute. Here he’s gnawing on a stick in my backyard.

Here he’s foiling my attempts to photograph him:


He’s almost as big as Max is…just much skinnier. Here he’s getting into Max’s business by standing on top of Max’s (read: my) sofa and trying to look out of Max’s (read: my) window. Max tolerates him. Barely. You can see the “love” in this photo:

chipper and max

BvP and I rearranged our bedroom furniture into the only OTHER configuration that would fit in the room. This means that if I want to get into bed, and BvP is sleeping in it, I have to leap over the footboard to get into bed because I sleep on the far side of the bed.  You can see the rearrangement below, including the two non-Max creatures that live with us. Yes, we still have Misty (gray cat, left) and Charlie (orange cat, right). They are 10 and 8, respectively. I don’t blog about them much because they’ve passed into the lazy, middle-aged, borderline obese stage of cathood.
the bedroom

We have yet to tackle the wallpaper in the bedroom. My clock radio does not permanently stay on my pillow. And yes, that is a Mickey Mouse throw.

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