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Tales from homebuying

April 1, 2004

If you read blogs daily, as I do, and you see a missing day, do you wonder what happened to the blogger? I certainly do. Maybe they’re dead. Or lost their Internet connection.

Or maybe there was a technical issue with the site they babysit during the mornings, and they had to go to work super early to fix it.

Late night Tuesday + early day (and big weekly meeting) Wednesday = Grumpy grumpy Kim. So upon returning home yesterday, I took the dog out and promptly retired to bed for the evening. Nothing like a 12-hour stint in bed to bring the joy back into life!

And about 30 minutes ago, Thor came home (early!) and trundled into bed. My groom sank his weary health-care-professional bod into the bed, and the comforter and pillows covered him like quicksand.

Tales from the Homebuyer’s Front: A mostly true account.

(work phone rings)
Kim: Online department, this is Kim, how can I help you?
???: Hello, Kim. This is Lisa from XYZ mortgage. I have a question about your application.
Kim: (thinking…) Crap.
Kim: (speaking) Sure!
Lisa: You said on your application that you have a Credit Union account with a balance of $ABCD.
Kim: (thinks proudly of check for $ABC sitting on the desk — all that hard-wonsavings) Yes!
L: Well, we only see $D in there. And that’s not enough to cover closing costs.
K: We withdrew $ABC from it to pay closing costs and left $D in there just to keep it open. I have the check for $ABC on my desk at home. Do you need to see the check?
L: No, that’ll complicate things. We’d like to see the last statement from the account that shows the balance of $ABCD.
K: (feeling dumb for taking out her own money) Um…sure! I’ll call my husband, Thor, at home. He can run that over to you.
L: Thor?
K: Well, he doesn’t want me to give his real name out on my blog, so I refer to him as Thor.
L: You’re blogging this??!?
K: Pfff…sorry, Lisa, …pfthhthdhd….you’re cutting out on me…pdghththth..he’ll bring that over!
L: You’re not on a cell! You’re at work!
(end call)

Thor ran the statement over, and all ended well. Mortgage approved, and that info was faxed to the Agents. Lesson learned. If you’re applying for a mortgage, don’t touch your own money until you hear all is OK. It irritates your mortgage company.

Mood: Well-rested. Hungry.
Wt: 146, last I checked. Bueno!
Work docket: Working the numbers, baby.
Lunch: Rumor says there’s a luncheon today that I need to go to, but I’ll bring my Mandarin Chicken along just in case I’m hallucinating.
Evening: Survivor! There may be a twist in the works tonight, since Mogo Mogo is the suck and Chapera’s running away with every challenge. If the tribes don’t change, I call Kathy to be voted off. If they do change, I call Alicia.

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