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House Inspection and Flower Show

March 11, 2004

Ooooo….I love the house. OOOooooo…I love the house. OOoooooo….I love the house. Reader, there are rosebushes in the backyard and quite possibly more storage space than what I’m living in right now. There are some problems, yes, but they’re fixable. And that’s fabu.

Most notably, there’s a problem with the birds and the bees.

No, I’m not being saucy, you devil you! 😉

There is a vent in the attic that doesn’t have a screen on it. SOooo…some birds managed to enter the attic through the vent and create a nest. Not just a nest, but a NEST that goes from the floor to the vent. Yeesh! There are also a few carpenter bees who have entered. But they’re fixable.

This afternoon, Mom and I went to the Philadelphia Flower show and had a wonderful time! Rather than cropping the photos meself, I decided to let Ofoto do all of the hard work. To see my gallery, you’ll have to create an ofoto account. But it’s free, and the don’t really harrass you much via email. My souvenir? A leeeeetle lucky bamboo plant. Luck is always good, my friend.

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