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March 13, 2004

Y’know…I tried to post a crazy-long blog post yesterday, but Blogger had a server burp and ate it. :/ Too bad yesterday was the day I tried to post the naked pictures. Oh well. I’ll just give you the story of how I am in bed.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had to cuddle with something to go to sleep. Dolls, stuffed animals, even a pillow. It’s a habit that has stayed with me even to the ripe old age of 31.5. Quite honestly, the living creatures with whom I share my bed aren’t willing to be crushed to my chest as I drift away to slumber land. I used to be embarrassed by this peculiarity but I have a sneaking suspicion that other adults are in the same situation.

When I was 6, I received Snuggles. I slept with Snuggles up until I got married. Naturally, as you girls can attest to, a doll that’s loved and snuggled with for…oh…18 years gets that LOVED look to it. Well, Thor recoiled in fear at the idea of Snuggles sharing our marriage bed, so she was retired with full honors to my closet shelf.

I currently sleep with two stuffed animals: a tiger named Frisky (a gift to Thor from me years ago) and a Disney teddy bear named Kronk. When I travel, I bring along something beanie-sized.

A few mornings ago I woke before my alarm went off. Charlie was quietly snoring (yes, snoring) to my left, and Max-beast was sleeping next to my left leg. In the darkness, I saw a faint outline of something else next to Max. I sat up quietly, so as not to wake him.

Tucked under his left foreleg and pulled close to his chest was his purple squeaky football.

What’s that they say about dogs and their owners? 🙂

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