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weatherpixie, wrestlemania, and mortgage

March 16, 2004

I succumbed to the charms of the WeatherPixie (bottom of the left navigation) after seeing her on so many other sites.

Today began the first day of my new work philosophy. Unless we have a major pressing deadline, I’m no longer staying there past 5:30 pm. Staying that late every night saps my morale, and I really don’t get as much done as I think I do. So I’m going to work a bit more efficiently and salvage my evenings for me.

Which meant that tonight I took a nap on the loveseat, dog asnooze upon my stomach. It was lazy, yes, but it was grand.

Work, as always, is nothing but piles and piles of glitter and Skittles. 🙂

Last night was Wrestlemania XX. How could I pass? After all, I think I’ve seen at least 16 WrestleManias. The show was long — 4 1/2 hours of wrestling — but the matches were great. After all of these years, I still almost leap out of my chair when the ref counts to 2 and the wrestler lifts his shoulder RIGHT before the 3-count.

The best part about the whole night was that Mom surprised me with a Shamrock Shake that she bought for me earlier. It’s SO about the little things, Reader. 🙂

House non-news: It’s all a matter of waiting now. Our Buyer’s Agent faxed over the list of repairs that the Home Inspector recommended. Me, I’ll be happy with just the removal of the birds and the bees. We have to make an appointment with the Mortgage Guy to lock in our rate (watch it jump 3% tomorrow). We also have to officially cancel our lease. But after that, we just wait until settlement. That’s tough. I’ve been windowshopping online for cool things (I’ve been visiting Pottery Barn, IKEA, Pier One, and Restoration Hardware) But until we get all of our stuff into the house and see the gaping empty spaces, I won’t know exactly what we need.

That is, besides a garden hose, lawnmower, and an aluminum washtub to fill with ice so that we can store cold drinks on the back patio. 😉

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