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Weatherpixie and Allstars

March 17, 2004

So Kim, where’s the WeatherPixie?

Ummm…well, it appears that I singlehandedly broke the WeatherPixie page. I set it up late Monday night, and Tuesday, the site was down. So to all the patrons of WeatherPixie, I’m sorry.

Today is St. Pat’s day…another day that USED to be cool when I was a kid but now is nothing special. Maybe because I’m not a drinker, and most grownup St. Patrick’s day stuff is about drinking and bars. I don’t think I even have anything green to wear today. No matter.

Yesterday I took a lunch, and left work at 5:30. Yes, quitting time is at 5, but I think a half-hour extra is a good compromise between the part of me who wants to stay all night, and the part of me who wants to bolt at 5. And although it’s only been two days, I feel happier by spending more of my evenings at home. And a happier me will (I’m sure) beget a more calm me at work.

I fell off of the Lent bandwagon HUGE last week, so I’m back on the chocolate. Meh, I stink.

And let’s do something we haven’t done in a while…

Wt: I’m still in the 150 area. A bit bummed, but believe it or not, I’m pretty sure I can get down to fighting weight by Memorial day
Mood: Kinda hard to determine. I’m always sleepy when I blog from bed! Let’s call it ‘pleasant.’
Work docket: Weekly meeting is today, so I’ll have to do the required reports. We also may launch a project tomorrow (one that was delayed from last week) which means a few last-minute things to do for it.
Lunch: I’ll take some frozen stuff in to work today.
Evening plans: Survivor is on at 8 tonight! I grinned like a Cheshire cat last week when Colby was booted. But I don’t know why Shii Ann is still there — she’s worse at challenges than Ethan is, and that’s saying a lot. I hope the final two are Boston Rob and Lex. The rest of them are undeserving, for being AllStars, that is. And Boston Rob is really growing on me, accent and all.

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