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Day off

March 11, 2004

Ah. Day off. I’m blogging leisurely from bed and recovering from yesterday, which can only be called one of the more stressful days of my short managerial existence. But that was yesterday.

This morning at 9 we meet our Buyer’s Agent (someone you all know already) and go to “The House” for a Home Inspection. They’re inspecting the major systems of the house, plus searching for termites. The way this deal has gone, I almost expect for there to be human bones found in the basement.

Yesterday, Thor and I signed an addendum to the contract stating that close date would be on or before May 31, but could be as much to 30 days later, if need be. And yes, Time IS of the essence. Sucka.

After that, Thor will retire to bed, and MomandI will go to the Philadelphia Flower Show. It started on Sunday, and I’m hoping the flora isn’t dead by the time we get there. I plan to take photos, which I’ll store on my computer with LAST year’s Flower Show Photos…never to see the light of day again. Hey, I’m a realist. Sometimes.

More later…feeling dozy again. *Yawn*. Mmm…day off.

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