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Smackdown and house progress

March 10, 2004

Oooo…SmackDown was great! They taped a few matches for WWE Velocity (airs on Saturdays) first. Then they proceeded with SmackDown. Our original seats were blocked off, so we were told to sit anywhere we want in a certain section. I’m convinced that our new seats were even better than the old one. Have I mentioned that the tickets were free? 😉 And, we received a special guest from WWE Raw — but I won’t spoil that for those who’ll watch the show on Thursday!

On the AC Expressway, we passed a car with Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi in it. Scotty was driving, and they took the exit for the AC Airport. 🙂

But Ooooo…I am TIRED. I couldn’t sleep right away. I mean…watching live wrestling is a great stimulant. So today we hopefully put the finishing touches on a project that launches tomorrow, I have to do one more EOM report, and I have my long meeting. Now I know why sometimes my former boss would shut his door.

House: The Sellers (and their attorney) seem ok with putting the ‘time is of the essence’ clause back into the contract. The attorney claims they weren’t aware that we had to take care of our own living arrangements before moving in. “No, Mr. Attorney…we’re actually living in our car and don’t have to give notice before we move.” So there was a flurry of faxes, and we have to sign some letter today which (I think) moves the settlement date to the end of May. We have to sign it before 5 pm, so I’ll have to take a late lunch and zip to Moorestown (where my broker is) to sign it. Why the sellers didn’t think of this before we signed the half-dozen copies of the original 15 page contract beats me. As far as I know, the home inspection is still on for tomorrow. Which is good, since I took the day off.

Soo…in an unprecedented gesture of respect for others’ privacy (smirk) I’m taking the pic of the house down from my blog. Because the Sellers still live there and all. 🙂

Off to get ready for work…

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