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What I’ll miss about the Village

April 3, 2004

As I was taking Max for his morning walk, I finally found ONE thing I’ll miss about the Village Apartments.

There’s a very pretty common area a few buildings down. When we first moved in, it used to be a pool. The illustrious management decided to remove the pool without telling the residents. (They also jacked up the rent that year, presumably for removing one of our pools. ) Anyway, now it’s a landscaped courtyard. Max loves to scratch about in the mulch and sniff the flowers. I like it because you don’t see any parking lots or the main road. Ducks and bunnies also frequent that area. I’m a ducks-and-bunnies kind of girl.

Of course…by June…I’ll have my own very pretty (I hope) yard.

Max performed his fortune cookie trick last night for Thor. He managed to open the plastic wrapper and eat the cookie. I was waiting for him to spit out the fortune — but it didn’t happen. I’m positive when Thor takes Max out he’ll find the fortune in a not-so-nice place. I hope it says something like “Embrace the Unexpected.”

Today is the Courier-Post Employee Bowling Party Spectacular. Free to CP employees. Because I’m a geek, I’m going. Dragging Thor along too. I used to be a varsity bowler in High School, ya know.

And then tonight — we dine at Morimoto in Philly to celebrate our 7th Anniversary. The menu’s a bit…exotic…but we’ve watched Morimoto on Iron Chef for YEARS now. Maybe the esteemed chef himself will be there!!! Maybe I should bring the camera.

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