All Hail Friday!

April 2, 2004

All Hail Friday! The happiest day of the week! The only way it could be happier is if it were 5:00pm. Thor has a week of vacation coming up. I don’t. :/ And that will be the state of the Union for the upcoming week. His life will rule, mine will suck. S’OK.

Thank you to the 3 folks who won my Ebay DVD auctions! I’m going to the Post Office at lunch today to get ’em in the mail.

On that note (and because my laptop battery is low), I best get out of bed so I can get a jump on my day. I want to leave work at 5pm promptly.

Mood: Friday-happy!
Work docket: Phase 1 of numbers is done. I may swing by the ad meeting this morning. Talk with someone about something. (See how vague I have to be about my job now? I may as well just make crap up.)
Lunch: Post Office — salad
Evening: Unknown. Will we go out? Or will we end up asleep by 9? Ooo…the intrigue!

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