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Breaking the lease and housebuying timeline, updated

March 23, 2004

I’m not a basketball guru by any means, but I’m told that I’m really NOT out of the NCAA pool since Kentucky lost. Apparently a lot of people picked Kentucky to do well, and basically everyone’s brackets are screwed.

Today is going to be a LONG day. LOOOONG day. I’m working the Taste of Home show tonight, which is in Washington Township, a good 25 minutes away. My shift technically starts at 3:30. Dunno what I was thinking in volunteering for that shift, since I have a meeting at 3:30 on Tuesdays. Hrm.

Yesterday, Thor gave our 60 day notice to the apartment complex. Because we’re breaking our lease, technically the Village can beat us up with fees. However, we’re going to stay calm and let them know that we HAVE been here for over 7 years, and that they saved money by us staying so long. In between tenants, the Village recarpets, repaints, and repairs each apartment. Tenants usually stay a max of 2 years. We’ve been here 7, and our low-grade carpet reflects that. So giving notice here really brings home the reality of moving, and I’m all a-flutter because of it! 🙂

It’s been a while since I updated the list, so here is my home-buying timeline. You can see the first part here. Maybe SOMEDAY it’ll be of use to another poor couple who has no idea what comes next.

10) 3/8/04: Seller’s attorney writes a letter saying he has problem with Seller’s own contract; doesn’t like the time is of the essence clause. Would prefer to have Sellers stay in house as LONG as they want and Buyers live in a box after they terminate their lease
11) 3/10/04: We agree to move settlement date back from May 7 to May 31, (with option to hold off until end of June if Seller’s New Construction doesn’t progress as planned) and keep the time clause. We sign agreement and fax back
12) 3/11/04: Home inspection. Takes about 3 hours. Roof and systems are inspected. House inspected for bugs. We get a short list of easily-fixed issues. We are to make a Wish List and send it to Sellers Agent.
13) 3/12/04: Buyer’s Agent sends entire list in to be fixed.
14) 3/19/04: Meet with Mortgage Guy to start official application procedures; in the meantime, Seller’s Attorney sends back a snippy reply to our Wish List. I think we sent them too many requests and ticked them off. Fine! Don’t service the heater…just get the bird nest out of the attic!
15) 3/20/04: Visit Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and Restoration Hardware for inspiration.
16) 3/22/04: Give 60 day Lease Termination letter to our Apartment. Realize we screwed ourselves by moving date to 5/31, since that’s our last day in the apartment and we’ll have to settle and move in 1 hectic day. All together, where do nice guys finish?

Mood: Wishing for warm weather. Impatient for days so hot that you break a sweat just by stepping foot outside.
Work docket: Tuesday numbers, continue Special Section work, write up “how to check the website” help file for the newsroom
Lunch: Umm…I think I have a frozen thing left.
Evening: Taste of Home show starts at 6:30, but my shift starts at 3:30. Must learn that in my new role, I no longer HAVE to volunteer to work events. Where do nice guys finish? 🙂

Off to start my day by scorching myself in the shower. Enjoy yours!

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